Cooking Light Magazine

Published By: Southern Progress Corporation

Reviewed by Dorothy Doremus


            Want a chef inspired meal but with half the fat and calories of the traditional fare?  Then I have a find for you - Cooking Light Magazine is the answer to all your lighter eating woes. 

            This discovery of delicious healthy eating was prompted by my boss.  He brought in a dish on one of our office pot days and it was something you would never suspect as being a low fat dish - chipotle macaroni and cheese.  When I inquired about the recipe he told me it was from Cooking Light Magazine.   I had never heard of the magazine and after that lunch, I was sorry I hadn’t.   I made a stop on the way home to pick up that month's copy and could not believe my eyes.  There were no diets here, just better ways of preparing the meals and substituting ingredients that were both beneficial to your health and tasted delicious. 

            The magazine is published monthly and contains foods based on seasonal requirements, which is really helpful for party planning.  The magazine is broken out into several categories.  The first section is health and living, which is usually about some type of physical activity.  The second is the eating section, which contains one specific category of foods, for example May featured milk and what types to purchase for optimum health.  The final section and the most anticipated is the recipe section.

            One thing I will promise you is that the recipes are five star restaurant quality meals that would make Emeril go BAM!!!  I have tried several of these recipes, which range from simple to more complicated.  The recipes are written very concise, so there is not going to be any guess work, which can be confusing in very complex recipes.  I know my grandmother's old recipes can practically ware you down, but this magazine makes it a pleasure to cook not a chore.

            I think the more times I use this publication the more amazed I am as to how just making substitutes to the lighter side can really yield the same results as the higher fat options.  Using yogurt instead of oils and butter, can really make a difference and is something I never imagined doing.  Applesauce instead of vegetable oil for baking can cut the calories back significantly.  Marinating meals instead of using thick gravies can bring out more flavor without weighing a dish down.

            While the recipes are the star of the publication, there are articles on various other topics, too.  The month of May for example featured a trip to Greece.  This article had pictures and documentation of places and events to participate in.  I never had been to the country and never really desired to go, but that article may have swayed me a bit.

            Cooking Light retails for $4.99  and can be found anywhere from Barnes & Noble to the grocery store.  If you love cooking or want to try bringing out your inner Tyler Florence, this is a must have.  Bon Appétit.


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