Cool Dog

Musical Score By: Stephen Edwards

Distributed by: Moviescore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In the new family movie, Cool Dog, Jackson Pace stars as Jimmy Warner, a ten-year-old boy who lives in Eagle Rock, Louisiana with his father, stepmother and his faithful German Shepherd, Rainy.  Jimmy’s life gets turned upside down when his dad (Michael Paré) gets a promotion which forces the family to uproot to New York City.  Unfortunately, the new apartment has a very strict “no pet” policy.  But that’s not going to stop Rainy from going across country in an effort to join his master in his new digs.

            The musical score of Cool Dog was created by American composer Stephen Edwards.  A Michigan native, Stephen Edwards began studying music at a young age, training first with his mother Rosalie Edwards, and then going on to Interlochen and the University of Michigan music school.  Receiving a bachelor degree of music in piano performance, Edwards received quite a bit of recognition as recipient of the Downbeat Magazine Outstanding Classical Soloist and winner of the All-American College Orchestra National Talent Search sponsored by Disney World.  Edwards began his career in film composing working with television composer Mike Post.  Since then, he has scored more than seventy movies of various genre, including Feast, The Patriot, Last Man Standing, Ninja, Lionheart, Finding Rin-Tin-Tin and more.

            The music for Cool Dog starts out as happy, filled with wonderment and excitement.  Dogs are one of those resilient breeds of animal that greet each day with the same sort of excitement - what new smells, sounds and fun will this new day bring me?  This is the theme of the movie and, of course, the perfect one for Rainy.  As the film moves forward and we are confronted with the idea that Jimmy and Rainy are about to be separated, things are less joyful.  As Rainy sets out on his journey to find Jimmy, the soundtrack again changes, offering up a sense of adventure and determination.  Track 13, Bug the Exterminator, is a rather odd and somewhat dark track in the album featuring an annoying electrical sound somewhat like a bug zapper.

            The music of Cool Dog is an orchestral affair, featuring woodwinds, violins and horns.  The album is reminiscent of the soundtracks of many adventure films of my youth containing that same sort of underlying excitement and joy as well as the determination to succeed.  The Cool Dog Soundtrack is great as background music for the film, but also works well as a stand alone album for those who can enjoy a good orchestral soundtrack.


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