Missy Elliotís Loss: Is It Our Gain

Cori Yarckin: Ringing In My Head

Produced by Jimmy Robertson Landry

Distributed by See Why Records

Reviewed by Jon Minners

Every week, viewers watched The Road to Superstardom with Missy Elliot in hopes of finding the next big star, but each week, they became more and more annoyed and disappointed as their favorite contestants, one by one, were eliminated until someone, whose name escapes the mind and canít seem to be found on Google, won the competition with a Lauryn Hill-type persona that didnít seem to be real after discovering that she already had an album complete with flashy music video that showcased her in a totally different light.  No wonder no one has really heard anything about her since, but hopefully, the same will not happen to one of those favorite contestants who was mistakenly let go before she could do her thing. 

Cori Yarckin, a stunning 22-year-old beauty from Orlando, just didnít fit into a show that seemed more geared toward Hip Hop, but the exposure did her well, as her name and face became instantly recognizable on the friends list for an equally unique and well-deserving band, Crashbox.  Listening to some samples on the website, an appetite was created for more in the form of a CD entitled Ringing in My Head, a 10-song, 30+ minute CD containing all killer and no filler that truly showcases what is wrong with the music industry today.  Why a girl with Yarckinís talent has to appear on a reality show to get her music heard, while those who look like everyone else get music contracts without similar efforts and a lot less talent, completely boggles the mind.

 Speaking on a career that has spanned 15 years, Yarckin states, ďMusic is my first love and Iíve definitely paid my dues.  Itís been a long road developing my style and what I wanted to say with my songs.  Four years ago they could have pushed me into a box and released a song that didnít reflect who I was, but I didnít want to do it that way.  I wanted to grow on my own and figure out what I had to say as an artist

Grow as an artist?  Provide the listener with something real, something that reflects who she is?  Huh?  Since when do artists do that anymore?  What a breath of fresh air.  Yarckin cares about more than the all-mighty dollar and has released a CD with a lot to say; a rock/pop hybrid that shows an amazing maturity, great melodies, a rocking sound, unique vocals and an excellent delivery that even makes what read like weak vocals rather strong.  What listeners get is an introspective journey into the life of Yarckin, who showcases her strengths, as well as her weaknesses Ė vulnerability and empowerment - and provides listeners with, not just stories of heartbreak, but inspiration and a discovery of oneís self. 

ďI set out to make a record that people can relate to and sing along with,Ē she said.  ďI have a defined pop sensibility, but I also love to get aggressive and rock, and that balance of styles is one of the most important things that sets my music apart.  My songs are in tune with the way people really feel, and itís important for me to create music that a large section of music fans can connect with in a number of different ways.  I think thatís exactly what we achieved with Ringing in My Head.  Itís real, like me.  Real songs, real music, a real girl Ė thatís what I have to offer

She said it best.  From beginning to end, listeners feel like they are talking to Yarckin, listening to events that affected her life, similar to those affecting themselves, and discovering the strength in their hearts to forgive, move on and achieve.  The first track sets the mood for a CD listeners need to try and buy. 

Gratitude is a very interesting song where Yarckin thanks someone for breaking her heart, because the pain she felt made her stronger in the end.  In front of some foot stomping beats are some infectious lyrics that listeners will not be able to get out of their head.  "I was broken down inside/And treated like a little child/Made to think its do or die/I was wrong and never right/You left me with a bitter smile/Put running purple down my eyes/And what Iíve come to realize/Iím sharper now than any knifeÖThank you/Iím better off now/Thatís my attitude/Thank you/For kicking me when Iím down/What do I owe you/Hereís something for my gratitude."  Writing the lyrics does not do the song justice.  Itís the delivery and Yarckinís beautiful voice that really makes this song as hot as it is. 

The same can be said for Everything You Said, a poppy song that hits exes where it hurts; with the truth Ė telling them what they already know, that they will never find anyone better than what they left behind.  "Everything that you said was a lie boy/Thatís the reason Iím saying goodbye/You will never find another who will love you any better." 

I Want That is another catchy song where Yarckin yearns for the same things everyone else wants in a relationship.  "I want that/I want that picture perfect couple/Like in my grandmaís vintage photograph/All I ask/is for the world right at my fingers/And your heart right in the palm of my hand." 

Other notable tracks are So Much for the Real Thing, reminding listeners to stay focused even when their life doesnít go as planned; Shatterproof, a song that deals with the hardships of letting even the worst relationship go; My Ever After, an uplifting ballad that reaches out to a love in need and How the World Goes Around, a perfect song depicting Yarckinís career. 

Not content on following the leader, Yarckin has provided listeners with something unique, different and special that is ready for radio, but does not need to be heard there to be appreciated.  Check out her site at and discover what the radio has allegedly hidden under a pile of payola along with a number of other great artists not receiving the attention they deserve.  Depending on those listeners who can make a difference, that will change and soon, Yarckin will be the leader others are following. 

Being cut from Missyís show may end up being a blessing in disguise, because Yarckin is still very much in the fast lane on the Road to Superstardom


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