Musical Score By: Christopher Young

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Once upon a time, there lived a world-renowned scientist (Paul Bettany) whose beloved daughter died at the age of ten.  He finds it extremely difficult to believe in a God that would allow such a thing of beauty to die at such a young age, much to the chagrin of his deeply religious wife (Jennifer Connelly).  As he struggles to understand it all, the scientist in him takes over and he becomes obsessed with the idea of evolution.  His belief in his theory of survival of the fittest helps him understand the death of his young daughter and changes the way scientists will look at the Earthís origins for years to come.  This scientistís name is Charles Darwin and Creation is his story.

            The soundtrack of Creation was composed by Christopher Young, a composer known for his diverse musical scores.  He has created musical scores in a variety of genre including horror, action and drama.  Some of his most memorable musical scores include, Spiderman 3, Ghostrider, The Grudge, Drag Me to Hell, The Uninvited, Sleepwalking and Swordfish.

            For the musical score of Creation, Young employed an eighty-piece orchestra to create a classical sound.  As you listen to the Creation Soundtrack, one will note a primary theme present throughout.  The theme, presumably representative of Darwinís daughter, resonates with innocence and yet there is a certain note of sadness to it as well.  Each track in the musical score seems to begin by highlighting a certain instrument.  Whether it be a solo piece by a piano, violin, clarinet or cello, each piece stands out as beautifully written and performed. 

            While most of the tracks contain a dual theme of sorrow and beauty, there are some that are out of the ordinary and quite unexpected.  Tracks 7, Partly Part, and 9, A Struggle for Survival, is rather ominous in nature.  One would expect this track to fit in perfectly in a horror film.

            Fans of classical music will enjoy the beauty of Christopher Young.  Even during the more foreboding tracks of musical score, there is no denying the beauty of the composition found in the Creation Soundtrack.  This soundtrack is bound to peak the interest of any music aficionado and is as perfect as a stand alone album as it is as a film score.  Christopher Young has done it again, composing an award-worthy musical score for Creation.


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