Fantasy / Science Fiction

Crystal Doors: Book III: Sky Realm

Written by: Rebecca Moesta and Kevin J. Anderson

Published By: Little, Brown and Company

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            When I first had the opportunity to read the first novel in the Crystal Doors series by Rebecca Moesta and Kevin J. Anderson, I found I enjoyed it so much, I couldnít wait to read the second novel, Crystal Doors: Ocean Realm.  The second novel was just as enjoyable as the first, but I wondered what the third and final novel, Sky Realm, had in store for our heroes.  I couldnít wait to find out.

            Crystal Doors: Book III: Sky Realm opens shortly after cousins Gwen and Vic Pierce and their friends Sharif, Lyssandra and Tiaret escape the clutches of the evil sorcerer Azric and his Merlon minions.  While captive in the Merlon ocean realm, Vic and Gwen discovered that Vicís mother was being held prisoner by Azric, sealed in a block of ice for refusing to open crystal doors for him.  The Pierce family vow to save her, but first things first Ė they must destroy Azricís plans for destroying their new home, Elantya.  Itís a pain staking effort, finding magical bombs hidden under the islandís superstructure and at the same time, finding new ways to fortify the islandís defenses, but everyone in Elantya is dedicated to the project, determined to prevent Azric and the Merlons from destroying their home.

            The people of Elantya are approached by a rebel Merlon group headed by Ulbar.  They are skeptical at first, until the rebel group produces a prize possession of Azricís Merlons Ė Vicís mother suspended in ice.  Just as the tide seems to be turning in Elantyaís direction, Sharif is summoned back to his homeland of Irrakesh.  Determined that the five members of The Prophecy are not separated, Vic, Gwen, Tiaret and Lyssandra accompany him to Irrakesh, hoping to enlist the aide of the people of the flying city.  Unfortunately, all is not well in Irrakesh.  Sharif has been summoned home to serve as Sultan due to his fatherís terminal illness.

            Just as Sharif begins to adjust to the idea, tragedy strikes and Irrakesh finds itself under attack.  Can Sharif, Gwen, Vic, Tiaret and Lyssandra defeat this foe with the new powers they have discovered?  When they discover that Azric is behind the attack, can they defeat him before both Irrakesh and Elantya are destroyed?

            In Crystal Doors: Book III: Sky Realm, the members of The Prophecy truly mature and come into their own.  Working together, they discover that there is more than just magic in their union.  The subject matter is darker, the battles more devastating and the action is non-stop as our heroes fight foes from the air, land and sea.  The teenage characters are becoming more mature with each obstacle they face and, as they mature, so do their magical powers.

            Although I canít exactly say that there were a ton of surprises in this novel Ė I read a great many novels and have a knack for predicting outcomes Ė I can say that Sky Realm was an incredibly enjoyable read.  And fast-paced Ė once again, I was finished with the book in three days.  The only reason I took so long to complete the book was that I had to stop for essentials such as sleep, work, stuff like that.

            The reality is that the writing team of Rebecca Moesta and Kevin J. Anderson is an incredibly talented force to be reckoned with.  Every one of their tales is captivating, with characters that you grow to care about.  I have yet to read a tale by this husband/wife writing team that I havenít liked. 

            Fantasy novel fans will absolutely love the Crystal Doors series.  Those of you who are already fans of the series and are just about to read the third and last novel of the series, pay attention to the ending.  Note how things are left open for a possible sequel.  I had though it clever that the series had taken on land, ocean and air realms in the trilogy of novels.  But the series revolves heavily around groups of five Ė the ruling party is a Pentumvirate (group of five) and the heroes of the prophecy are five individuals.  Why not finish the series at five novels instead of three?  Just a thought!  I know Iíd be sure to get my hands on a fourth and fifth novel if they become available.  Check out the Crystal Doors series today and see if by the third novel in the series, Sky Realm, you arenít clamoring for more.


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