Dance Flick

Music By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Dance Flick is a parody film from the Wayans Brothers that spoofs many of the popular dance films of the day, including Save the Last Dance, Fame, You Got Served, Step Up, High School Musical and more.

            The soundtrack of Dance Flick consists of various artists, ranging from actors in the film to actual recording artists like Donnell Jones, Ying Yang Twins, Rick James and more.  Being a dance film parody, one would expect to find quite a few songs you would hear in dance clubs.  The Dance Flick Soundtrack delivers with such favorites as Super Freak, Shake, U Know Whatís Up and more.

            As enjoyable as this music is, perhaps the most fun gleaned from this album lies in the parody songs such as Fame by Brennan Hillard, And I Am Telling You Iím Not Going by David Alan Grier, Mama Died in a Car Crash by the ensemble cast and Scrub Scrub Scrub It by Shoshana Bush.  The original Fame theme song was about believing in oneself and their abilities.  The parody is about the sexual preference of the character singing the song.  The original And I Am Telling You Iím Not Going is a moving love song.  The parody is about the characterís love of food: ďNo no no no way I/ ím living without food / Iím not living without foodÖ.Ē  Mama Died in a Car Crash parodies the storyline of Save the Last Dance and Scrub Scrub Scrub It, a song not featured in the film, is a parody of the Disney film, Enchanted.

            This soundtrack is thoroughly enjoyable.  From the parody songs to the actual dance tracks, I could find absolutely nothing to criticize in the Dance Flick Soundtrack.  The only thing I can warn you about is the explicit language found on some of the tracks.  But, as long as the kids arenít listening, this is a soundtrack that any adult can truly enjoy. 


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