The Dark Side of Light

Composed By: Gus Reyes

Distributed by:
MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                The Dark Side of Light (El Lado Oscuro De La Luz) is a psychological thriller based upon the true story of a  serial killer named Memo who survived the electric chair execution he was sentenced to.  As a child, Memo was exposed to severe violence at the hands of his cruel grandfather, formulating what he was to become as an adult.  His theory, and in fact what he used as a defense of his actions at trial, was that he was liberating his victims form their tormented past as he wished someone would do for him. 

                The musical score of The Dark Side of Light was created by Mexican film composer Gus Reyes, whose solo film scoring credits include El Tultimo Evangelio, El Utimo País Mágico, El Secreto and El Entrenador.  Reyes has also worked as orchestrator and co-composer on other projects and received recognition for his part in the 2011 Latin Grammy Award winning unplugged concert of the rock band Zoė.

                The Dark Side of Light features a dramatic musical score of a classical orchestral nature.  Piano solos are the main theme and the solo featured in the title track appears often throughout the score in both piano, guitar and string format.  The music is dramatically moving and speaks to the distraught emotions of the main character as we venture back into his past and learn what drove him to begin his "liberation mission."  The most striking tracks can be found at the end of the soundtrack and feature Ivonne Guevara performing an opera solo.  According to Gus Reyes, "I knew it was crucial the music communicate that this was the main emotional climax of the film.  I decided to use sacred music, a grand Requiem or mass for the dead, featuring a soprano soloist and a full choir for this purpose." 

                The Dark Side of Light Soundtrack features a beautiful, if not melancholy dramatic score well worth taking a listen to.  Gus Reyes describes the emotions of the main character perfectly with this musical score and I can't wait to see more from this composer in the future.


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