Dawning Promises

Composed By: ICON Trailer Music

Distributed by: ICON Trailer Music

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                When I first received Dawning Promises, I thought it was either a movie soundtrack or a new album from a new artist.  Never could I have imagined what I was about to listen to was some of the most amazing and enjoyable musical score I've heard in a while.  And never would I imagine that each track was supposed to be musical scoring for one specific movie trailer.

                Dawning Promises is the creation of ICON Trailer Music.  Founded in 2011 by veteran composers for film and television Joel Goodman and Frederik Wiedmann, their music has been described as simply "epic."  According to Joel Goodman, "Initially our focus was to produce music specifically for motion picture advertising - i.e. film trailers."  But they found a huge following once they started posting their music on YouTube: "Everything we did was catered towards the professional market. But when we put our music on YouTube, we noticed an immediate reaction from a very active and passionate trailer music fan community."

                After a while, that fan community demanded more from ICON Trailer Music.  According to Frederik Wiedmann, "While growing our catalog, we had a lot of requests from fans about an official album. So we decided to release our first commercial album, with tons of never heard before thematic epic trailer music."  Thus, the album Dawning Promises was born, featuring twenty tracks of some of the most exhilarating film score music I have heard in quite some time.

                Each and every track is an exciting journey.  I can see why the music of ICON Trailer Music would be described as "epic."  Every track seems to tell a story with sweeping orchestral sound. action-packed percussion and a masterful storytelling timeline unique to ICON Trailer Music.  In fact, their unique music scorning style is actually posted on their website in the licensing section.  It tells us why the music sounds like it is gradually building up to something until it reaches the final moments of the track.  Each and every track is designed in such a way to give it that epic feel. 

                Quite honestly, if the listener closes their eyes while listening to this album, they will see a knight or some other sort of warrior starting out on a quest, sometimes alone, sometimes in a group, sometimes picking up other adventurers along the way.  They will picture various battles or adventures for the warrior as the music of each track progresses, culminating in one final, amazing battle or adventure that sends the music over the top, the warrior completing his journey victorious.  Dawning Promises by ICON Trailer Music is a must listen to any fan of movie score composition.  I concur with those YouTube fans - an album needed to be made and that quote a EPIC!!!!!!


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