The Day I Saw Your Heart

Composed By: Nathan Johnson

Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Milan Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the French comedy, The Day I Saw Your Heart, Melanie Laurent is Justine, a twenty-something x-ray technician with relationship issues.  After a number of failed relationships, Justine thinks she has found Mr. Right in the form of Sami (Guillaume Gioux), a shoe salesman.  Unfortunately, that relationship is about to be tested to its limits as Justine’s 60-year-old father (Michel Blanc) goes through a midlife crisis.  His much younger wife has announced that she is pregnant, something Justine and her half-sister Dom (Florence Loiret Caille) find hard to accept, especially Dom who has been trying to adopt.  When her father’s issues threaten to destroy her newfound happiness, Justine finds herself struggling to repair her relationship with her father in an effort to straighten out her own life.

                The musical score for The Day I Saw Your Heart was created by American composer Nathan Johnson, who began his musical career touring with his band The Cinematic Underground in the mid-2000s.  In 2005, Johnson began a foray into movie scoring with Brick, a movie written and directed by his cousin Rian Johnson. Since then, he has created musical scores for such notable films as The Brothers Bloom and Looper.  Johnson is known for his innovative scoring, combining orchestral and electric instruments with unconventional instruments such as kitchen utensils, filing cabinets and more.

                The Day I Saw Your Heart Soundtrack features a musical score that has a jazz/blues feel, heavy on keyboards, sax and wire-brushed snares.  The score is funky and mostly upbeat with a quirky turn to define the more comical moments in the film.  The soundtrack also features songs by various artists including Regina Spekter, Cat Stevens, Faux Fix and more.  My favorite track on the entire album is On the Radio by Regina Spekter.  This song seems to sum up everything Justine learns in the movie: “No, this is how it works / You peer inside yourself / You take the things you like / And try to love the things you took / And then you take that love you made / And stick it into some / Someone else's heart / Pumping someone else's blood / And walking arm in arm / You hope it don't get harmed / But even if it does / You'll just do it all again.”  I also enjoyed listening to an old favorite of mine Wild World by Cat Stevens and the dance track Smoking Unit by Feadz.

                I found The Day I Saw Your Heart Soundtrack to be a rather enjoyable music experience mixing jazz, blues and pop and featuring songs with very meaningful lyrics.  Definitely worth taking a listen to.


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