XBox 360


Dead Rising


Distributed by: Capcom

Reviewed by Brain McLaughlin


            I have only three words to describe this game: ENJOYABLE AT FIRST.  

            Dead Rising seemed like a very interesting game concept to me, like Resident Evil meets Mallrats . You play as Frank West, an investigative photojournalist, who gets a tip that something big is about to go down in the town of Willamette, Colorado, which is being heavily blockaded by the National Guard. So Frank hires a helicopter pilot to fly him in and discovers that the entire town is infested with zombies (although Frank doesnít catch on to it until someone has to spell it out for him). When the National Guard tries to take Frankís helicopter down, Frank orders the pilot to drop him off at the Mall and come back for him in 72 hours. With no time to land, Frank has to exit the helicopter in mid-flight, which causes him to injure his leg and makes it hard for him to run fast.

           Once in the mall, Frank meets some of the survivors and it seems like everything is safe until some idiot opens the Mallís front gate and lets in all the zombies. Now itís just a matter of surviving for 72 hours. With a fully interactive play environment, almost everything can be used as a weapon, from chairs and bats to lawn mowers and chainsaws. You can also gain life, speed, and special moves by collecting enough experience points (or "Prestige Points" as they call them) from killing a certain number of zombies, completing missions and submissions, and taking captivating pictures with your camera (you are a photojournalist after all).

            The first problem I had with the game was the on-screen text. Capcom (the gameís developer) released a press statement saying that Dead Rising was intended to be played on high-definition television, so anyone without one will have difficulty reading the on-screen text. And since I do not have a high-definition television, it was hard for me to read the on-screen text dialog between characters during gameplay. Another problem I had concerned the camera and gun aiming controls in that they were both difficult to maneuver. There was a slight lag between the controls and the aiming action and the aiming action itself was too slow, which made missions that required guns very difficult. All in all, Dead Rising was fun for a while, but I became so frustrated with the controls that I just lost interest.   


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