Dead Rising 3

Composed By: Oleksa Lozowchuk

Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Sumthing Else Music Works/Capcom

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the third installment of the popular third-person survival/horror video game series, Dead Rising, ten years have passed since the Fortune City zombie virus outbreak.  A young mechanic with a mysterious past named Nick Ramos must find a way to escape the latest outbreak in his hometown, the city of Los Perdidos, and the military strike that threatens to wipe the area and everyone in it off the map.  But with ever increasing hordes of zombies approaching at every turn and time running short, Nick realizes he can't do it alone.  He's forced to join up with other survivors, but will they have the stamina and the cojones to do what must be done to stay alive?

                The Dead Rising 3 Soundtrack was released on two CDs in November 2013.  The album features original songs by artists like Traz Damji, Sascha Dikiciyan, Brian Reitzell, Celldweller, Jeremy and Julian Soule, Ashtar Command and Dave Genn and a musical score by Oleksa Lozowchuk.  Canadian-based composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Oleska Lozowchuk has created work that spans multiple genres, including film, television, video games and the concert stage.  His film scoring includes such notable films as Space, Rachel Weep No More and Wildflowers; television work includes the score of the television series Rogue and he is no stranger to video games having created the soundtrack of The Bigs and Dead Rising 2.

                Disc One of the Dead Rising 3 Soundtrack is mainly instrumental with a few songs here and there.  One song in particular, Please Remember, is quite a haunting track and, when you consider this is a zombie-apocalyptic type game, well-suited for the genre.  The music, an industrial rock dance mix, is fast-paced and adrenaline pumping.  The tracks feature ambient sound, evil laughter, screams and more designed to spook the listener/gamer.  Many of the titles on this disc feature biblical references, specifically the seven deadly sins like Envy Battle, Lust Battle, Gluttony Battle, Pride Battle, etc.  Songs like Please Remember and Pride Battle (Blow by Blow) discuss the loss of or the saving of the soul. 

                Disc Two features an equal sampling of songs and instrumental music.  The songs vary greatly in genre, featuring rock, rap, R&B, pop, punk and more.  There are some songs about love and lust, like Resistance, ICUCMe and Fighting for Your Love; Latino-based tracks like the pop track Amo Americano, the rap song Despertamos and the romantic ballad La Esperanza; tracks that sound like old fashioned video game music like U Break Wi Fix and tracks that make you wonder what they have to do with the game like the catchy Pirate's Catch.  There is also a creepy track Du Bist Mein which sounds like an old scratchy record struggling to play all the way through.  The words of the title - You Are Mine - give it that spookier feel along with the stretched out melody of the warped record.  Disc Two offers much more of a diverse sound than Disc One, but I enjoyed both discs equally. 

                The musical score of Dead Rising 3 is a terrific example of how sophisticated video game soundtracks have become, with a nod towards the old, less sophisticated sound of the past (U Break Wi Fix).  With the more advanced storyline and enhanced special effects, there is a call for a musical score that can heighten the senses, enhance the storyline and get the adrenaline pumping.  The musical score created by Oleska Lozowchuk and the additional songs by various artists gives Dead Rising 3 that movie feel, taking us away from the video game and firmly transplanting us in a world where we must do what we can to survive.  Listening to the Dead Rising 3 Soundtrack, you often forget you're listening to a video game score and not one for a movie or television series.

                I've been impressed by video game scores before, but the Dead Rising 3 Soundtrack has to be my favorite to date.  I would definitely recommend it to the gamers out there, especially fans of the Dead Rising series.  This is music to rock out to whether you are listening to it while playing the game or simply looking for some good tunes to work out to.


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