Dead Within

Composed by: Joshua Bradford and Clayton Worbeck

Distributed by:
MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the Canadian horror film Dead Within, Mike (Dean Chekvala) and Kim (Amy Cale Peterson) are hiding out in their recently reinforced cabin in the woods after the zombie apocalypse.  Having spent many happy times in the cabin, it is almost inconceivable that the two are now cowering here, with Mike venturing out for supplies every so often.  It is on one of the more lengthy supply trips that Kim, alone and afraid, begins to become extremely paranoid, wondering whether Mike will come back and, if he returns, whether or not he will be one of the infected.

                The musical score of Dead Within was created by industrial rock band performers Joshua Bradford and Clayton Worbeck.  The two first performed together in the band the co-founded known as Stayte and have worked together frequently ever since.  Bradford is a singer and lyricist and Worbeck is a guitarist and programmer.  His remix of Ministry's Death and Destruction appeared on the Saw V Soundtrack

                The Dead Within Soundtrack features a great many industrial rock influences.  Ambient sounds (airy echoes, repetitive noises that rise and fade in volume, etc.) add to the listener's discomfort level.  Repetitive synth notes take one back to what has worked on many a John Carpenter film - that spooky, hair-raising sound that lets you know an unseen danger is present and ready to strike.  Sound effects like clinking silverware or glasses and zombie-like noises add to the scare factor.

                Never listen to Dead Within on a dark, gloomy night.  Like the Carpenter horror scores of old, this soundtrack will have you looking over your shoulder wondering what's lurking in that dark corner behind you.  The main character's paranoia is clearly defined in the score through ambient sound, growing in intensity and volume as the movie moves forward.  An excellent horror score by Joshua Bradford and Clayton Worbeck well worth listening to.


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