Death Du Jour

Written by: Kathy Reichs

Published By: Simon & Schuster

Reviewed by Dorothy Doremus


            Okay, I admit it, I am a Kathy Reichs addict.  So when I saw Death Du Jour and realized I hadnít red it yet, well, I picked it up right away.  The cover art is really neat, too.  Some people say you canít judge a book by the cover - well, these books, you can.

            In this novel, Dr. Brennan is working a case for a church in Montreal, trying to identify if Sister Elizabeth Nicolette is in fact a saint.  She is working at the request of the church so she can submit her findings to the Vatican.  Unfortunately, due to a gruesome fire in the area, Dr. Brennan is called away to assist in the recovery and identification of the victims.

            This is when Detective Andrew Ryan appears.  The fire is an arson and the victims were murdered, so get ready for some investigative fun.  Ryan is such a great character because he breaks up the dryness of the anthropological discussions which make his one liners priceless.

            Dr. Brennan knows there is no way for her to complete both assignments before she needs to return to North Carolina for the start of the semester, so she completes her assignment on Elizabeth Nicolette and meets a very strange professor in the interim.

            As with most Reichs novels, trouble always seems to find Dr. Brennan, even if it happens to be from Canada.  As the semester starts, Detective Ryan pays Dr. Brennan a call.  Apparently the fire victims were from the States and he needs to follow up.  Soon, a link between all of the murders becomes apparent and Dr. Brennan and Ryan head back to Montreal to catch the killer. 

            This is an action-packed novel with so many mind blowing twists and turns as to who the suspects are.  In this novel, Dr. Brennan allows herself to be romanced by Detective Ryan.  This brings a close friendship/working relationship full circle, sorta like Bones and Booth of the television series, also Reichsí creation, based upon these novels.

            I hope you check out Death Du Jour.  Itís one of the best of Reichsí Dr. Brennan series of books and an action-packed ride from start to finish.


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