Deep in the Darkness

Composed By: Matthew Llewellyn

Distributed by: MovieScore Media/Kronos Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Based on the novel by Michael Laimo, Deep in the Darkness stars Sean Patrick Thomas as Dr. Michael Cayle who, desiring a quieter, less-hectic life for his family, decides to take an offer to work at a private practice in the small town of Ashborough.  Dr. Cayle starts to think that leaving New York City may have been a bad idea when he learns that Ashborough is hiding a horrific secret - a race of creatures hiding in the darkness in the woods behind his home.  Unfortunately for the family, it isn't the culture shock that may kill them. 

                The musical score for Deep in the Darkness was created by composer Matthew Llewellyn.  Llewellyn grew up with music, learning and performing classical piano and guitar in his early years and later attending Berklee College of Music, where he began scoring for short films while studying a double major of Film Scoring and Music/Business Management.  He then pursued a graduate degree in Scoring for Motion Picture and Television at the University of Southern California.  Since then, Matthew Llewellyn has worked on the musical scores of three Chiller TV films: Dead Souls, Remains and Deep in the Darkness.

                From the start of the Deep in the Darkness Soundtrack, without even reading up on the film, you know this score was created for a horror film.  Dark ominous tones beneath the orchestral score keep you on the edge of your seat, just waiting for something wicked to take place.  And when it does, it is expressed through loud and angry horns, percussion, and screeching strings.  Even the tamer parts of the score leave you with that skin-prickling feeling...especially when you know those horns are about to start playing their low registry notes, soon to be followed by crashing cymbals and screechy strings.

                The score of Deep in the Darkness does have some beauty to it.  I love the piano and orchestral sound of Ashborough Assimilation.  Their is a sad beauty about the track, which makes the fast-paced, horror tracks like The Swarm and Crawling for Jessica that much scarier with their blaring horns, nervous strings, crashing cymbals and kettle drums.

                While researching this film, I watched the trailer and was sufficiently spooked, so I can honestly say that Matthew Llewellyn has created the perfect musical score for Deep in the Darkness.  The music, combined with the visuals, were enough to send goosebumps up and down my arms.  And that was just the trailer, so I can imagine how freaked out the entire movie experience would leave me.  Kudos to Mr. Llewellyn who definitely knows his way around a horror film score.


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