Songs of Defiance Season 2

Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                I am a huge fan of the Syfy television series Defiance, now in the midst of its third season.  In the late 2040s, future Earth is a far different place than the Earth we know.  It has been over thirty years since various alien species arrived, bringing with them reformation, changes to the climate and landscape and war.  In the town of Defiance (built on the ruins of St. Louis), humans and aliens live together, but not always harmoniously.   In the second season of the series, Defiance sees a hostile takeover by the Earth Republic, the human run governmental organization with questionable motives.  Can peace still survive under the ruling of a government that sees many of Defiance's residents as second-rate citizens worthy of extermination?

                Those who watch the series know that Defiance contains some rather interesting music.  A score by Bear McCreary, original songs by Brendan McCreary and songs we have grown up with featuring an alien twist are all detrimental to the drama of the series.  Having reviewed the various Defiance soundtracks that were produced for the show's first season (Defiance Television Soundtrack, Defiance Video Game Soundtrack), I couldn't wait to review the soundtrack for the second season.

                Songs of Defiance Season 2 focuses completely on the songs of the series, leaving out the score.  Brendan McCreary steps to the forefront here, having become the resident songwriter for Season 2.  Some of the songs on this album will be familiar to listeners - What's Up (Votan Mix), Doll Parts - these are songs taken from our world and recreated for the series, sung in an alien tongue by Fyfe Monroe.  Others are Brendan McCreary originals, speaking to the action and drama of the series and the situations that the characters find themselves in.  The album culminates in English versions of some of the songs and Across the Storm Divide by Trace Adkins, a song that is heard at the close of the second season.

                Songs of Defiance Season 2 spans the spectrum of music genres, featuring rock, dance, jazz, love ballads, funk and more.  The music of the second season of Defiance is perfectly represented here and fans of the first album are going to love this second season soundtrack.  I've already listened to it three times and haven't gotten tired of it.  I love the familiar mixed with the alien undertones, spiced up by music influenced by Bear McCreary's score.  Songs of Defiance Season 2 is a must have for fans of the show!


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