DťjŠ Dead

Written by: Kathy Reichs

Published By: Simon & Schuster

Reviewed by Dorothy Doremus


            I never read a Kathy Reichs book I didnít like and this one is no different from the others.  With such a cute title for a book in this genre, DťjŠ Dead immediately caught my attention.

            This time around, forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan is in Quebec where a corpse of a dismembered woman is found by some local workers.  The murder scene is really grisly, making the identification and clues about the victim hard to come by.  Anyone who has read any of the Kathy Reichs novels knows that there is always a body count and DťjŠ Dead is no exception as more victims keep popping up. 

            In this novel, we come to know Gabby, a former college friend who is close to Dr. Brennan.  Gabby is working on a study of prostitution for the university.  She confides in Dr. Brennan that she is concerned about one man who has been creeping her out along with the prostitutes she has been working with.  I liked Gabby but found that there was way too much indecision with her characterís thought process for such an educated person. 

            Dr. Brennan is on the trail of the killer, getting attacked in the process because she was getting to close.  With Dr. Brennan hot on the killerís trail, the suspect starts to stalk our good doctor as well as her friends and family, hoping to throw her off of the trail. 

            I am a huge fan of the Temperance Brennan series of novels by Kathy Reichs.  If you havenít yet given the series a chance, you should make an attempt to read DťjŠ Dead.  Believe me, you will be hooked the minute you start.


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