The Devious Book for Cats: A Parody

Authors: Fluffy & Bonkers

With the Assistance of: Joe Garden, Janet Ginsburg, Chris Pauls, Anita Serwacki and Scott Sherman

(The Action 5 Team)

Illustrated by: Emily Flake

Published By: Villard Books

Reviewed by Natasia Minners

            Every once in a while, my human brings home a book because she thinks it will be funny.  She was laughing as she put The Devious Book for Cats on the bookshelf, saying she couldnít wait to read it.  When she did start to read the book, she looked strangely at me and asked whether I was writing under a pseudo name of Fluffy or Bonkers.  Well, if the title hadnít already been enticing, that look from my human and the fact that my humanís friend told my human not to let me read The Devious Book for Cats, made me really want to check it out.  So, while my human was at work, I decided to peruse a few pages.

            The cover of The Devious Book of Cats says itís a parody, but Iím here to tell you that everything listed in this book is factual.  Humans have been trying to domesticate us for years and Iím ashamed to say that some of us have rolled over and allowed it to happen, letting them get us high on catnip, allowing them to control our behavior and/or eating habits and more.  This book is cry out for all cats to unite and fight the power that is human.

            The book teaches us about the behaviors our humans have long tried to control and how to refine our techniques in such artistries as shelf swatting, waking humans up, napping and more.  There are important topics in there that reveal whatís behind all those infuriatingly closed doors.  We learn about cats in history who have done some amazing things like stowing away in various objects and getting a free vacation out of the deal or jinxing an entire baseball team.  The book discusses the ever important staple of our lives, cat litter - what it is, what we should do when we need it changed, if there are really cats who use something other than a litter box and more.

            A very important chapter for me was the catnip section.  I wish I had read this years ago.  Our humans our the sneakiest pushers of this highly addictive drug.  I know - my brother was an addict.  It describes what to look for from our human pushers, what to do when the drug is presented to us and how we can kick the habit.

            Most importantly, this book teaches us to revel in our felinism and be true to ourselves.  We are at least humans if not superior and the world must be made aware!  Thank goodness Fluffy and Bonkers decided to put their beliefs in writing for all kitties to read.  Those who have issues with literacy can understand the intentions of this book by looking at the pictures.

            Laugh if you want humans, The Devious Book for Cats will educate us, bringing us to a more enlightened state and allow us to conquer you all!  Now give me my Fancy Feast and leave me to my plans of world domination.


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