Dewey's Nine Lives

The Legacy of the Small-Town Library Cat Who Inspired Millions

Written by: Vicki Myron with Bret Witter

Published By: Dutton

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            Once upon a time I read this incredible book about a library cat called Dewey Dewey Readmore Books and his story fascinated me.  Told by Vicki Myron, the very special human who came to his rescue after finding him in the Spencer Library book drop box, the story captured my heart.  Having been the very special human in another couple of cats' lives, I know the ups and downs of this relationship and could relate to a great many of the funny stories told in the book as well as the sorrows.  I was so infatuated with Dewey who reminded me a little of both of the cats I "owned" (who really owns a cat anyway - let's face it, they own you), I wanted to read more about Dewey and how he touched the lives of so many people.  Well recently, I was given a chance to do just that.

            Dewey's Nine Lives: The Legacy of a Small-Town Library Cat Who Inspired Millions is a compilation of tales surrounding Dewey.  Some of the tales are about people who knew Dewey and the cats that they made a part of their lives, but most are about people who have loved cats and been loved by cats.  These people read the original Dewey book just like me and felt compelled to tell the story of their precious furry friends who had just as profound effect on them as Dewey had on everyone who met him.  As Vicki Myron explains, she received so many stories, she had to cull a select few from the horde, but these special tales touched her deeply in a way that is hard for her to describe, but greatly impacted her decision to add them to the compilation.

            Now, anyone who knows me will realize that, although I have been known to shed a tear at a movie or two, crying while reading books is out of the question.  Well, something about the end of Dewey...understanding what it is like to look into your furry best friend's face and know that it is time and the way they let you know that this is the right decision...I didn't just shed a tear.  I'm not ashamed to say that I bawled my ever-loving eyes out.  And then I cried some more.  That's how much Dewey touched me.  Well, I should have known I was going to need tissues with this new book, but how is it that you can know what's coming and still be surprised by the tears that begin to flow. 

            Don't get me wrong, not every tale ends in tears, but quite a few of them are so touching that you'll want to keep those Kleenex close.  Especially when Vicki Myron's storytelling prowess added to Bret Witter's writing ability paints a mental picture in your mind of each cat in question.  You become wholly vested in their stories and adventures, both good and bad.   I found myself laughing as much as crying as I recognized some of the antics of my own cats in these stories.  There were also a few tales that confirmed for me certain things about my cats that I had thought I was imagining.  There's just a certain way some cats will show you love...I thought it was unique to my own cats, but I see that I was wrong about that. 

            Wonderfully entertaining, Dewey's Nine Lives is a great book for any cat lover out there.  Anyone who has ever owned (or been owned) by a cat will relate to the tales in this book.  I also loved the last chapter of the book which gave us some closure on the story in the original Dewey.  I don't want to give it away, but suffice it to say that the love of a cat helped two people heal enough to find the strength to find human love again - a beautiful tale.  I am proud to place Dewey's Nine Lives along side my original Dewey book in my collection and I hope that Vicki Myron will find it in her heart to regale us with more Dewey tales or those inspired by Dewey Readmore Books.

P.S.: Many of you who follow Natasia's writing know that she was sitting in my lap, laughing at me the entire time I was reading this book.  I swear I could hear her saying, "Silly human!"

For more information about Dewey Readmore Books, visit the Dewey section of the Spencer Public Library website at Spencer Public Library, Dewey's website at or check out Dewey's Facebook Page at Dewey | Facebook.


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