Composed By: Eric Neveux

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                The television movie, Dignity (originally titled Les Pirogues des Hautes Terres), focuses on the 1947 strike of railworkers in the French Colonies of West Africa.  The film is a fictional work that chronicles the movement that marked beginning of decolonization in Senegal

                The musical score of Dignity was created by French composer Eric Neveux.  Having begun his musical career at a very early age, Neveux left his piano and music theory classes at the age of fifteen to become a "real musician."  By the age of twenty-five, Neveux was making his first foray into film score composition with Regarde La Mer.  Since then, Neveux has composed a number of scores for television and film, including Sitcom, Speak to Me of Love, All Girls Are Crazy, In Their Sleep, Hideaways, Borgia, Flight of the Storks and more.

                The musical score created for Dignity features awesome percussion, taking us into the heart of the exotic country of Senegal, West Africa.  Strings are used to express the emotions of the people involved in organizing and carrying out the strike.  The score also features some dramatic flute and piano solos meant to define specific characters in the film. 

                The Dignity Soundtrack features a very dramatic score, which I have no doubt enhances the film watching experience.  Neveux is able to define the emotions of the individuals involved in organizing the strike, executing it and keeping it going despite the efforts by the French to end it.  The Dignity Soundtrack is a perfect example of musical composition that can enhance a film's visuals, yet work perfectly as a stand alone album.  This is one soundtrack well-worth taking a listen to. 


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