Hip-Hop / Rap


Artist: Keldamuzik

Distributed by: Golddigga Entertainment

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Hip-hop artist Keldamuzik grew up listening to E40, Mac Dre, Luniz, Heavy D, Prince, TLC and Queen Latifah on the local radio stations in the Bay area.  But getting into the music industry is not always easy.  With so much competition out there, Keldamuzik decided to go one step further than simply recording music.  So in 2005, she started Golddigga Entertainment so she could release her music and provide a vehicle for other artists as well.  Keldamuzik’s debut album, Diva, found its way into my mailbox a week ago and I was interested in seeing what this artist would bring to the hip-hop industry.

            The 18-track album starts off with less than a minute of free rap as an introduction, showing off Keldamuzik’s rhyming talents.  The rest of the album is filled with catchy lyrics set to popping music mixes.  I found myself bobbing my head and, on occasion, singing along.  Despite the various artists listed as musical influences, I found Keldamuzik’s sound to be more closely associated with that of another hip-hop diva – Missy Elliott.  Yet, as we listen to Keldamuzik’s debut album, we realize that rap is not the only talent she has.  Granted, her delivery is spot on, never losing a moment of flow, but that’s not what Keldamuzik is all about.  Diva also showcases her voice – a voice that I would love to hear singing more R&B despite how much I enjoy her rap delivery.

            The lyrics on the album are extremely explicit, so if you’re a parent, you might want to take note of the Parental Advisory stamped on the album cover before playing Diva in front of your kids.  Keldamuzik draws on life experiences for her lyrics and tells her tale using exactly the same words she would use when talking to her friends on the street.  In her music, she discusses things we can all relate to such as moving relationships to new levels (Give You A Key), nosey people (Write A Book About It) and looking for the right guy (Mr. Right).  She lets you have a piece of her mind with in your face tracks like Diva, Excuse Me , and Bay Swag.

            I could have done without the various interludes in between, although they were a bit humorous, but otherwise, I have no complaints.  Diva by Keldamuzik is not something that fans of hip-hop are going to want to miss.  Keldamuzik doesn’t sound like some newcomer trying to make it in the music business.  No, this is a woman bringing a very polished style to an industry that could use a little extra flava’. 


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