Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor/Time of the Doctor

Musical Score By: Murray Gold

Distributed by: Silva Screen Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            The year 2013 was a special year for the British science fiction series Doctor Who.  It celebrated its 50th Anniversary with two special episodes that would forever resonate with its fans.  Day of the Doctor, airing on that special anniversary, featured a story that would encompass all of the Doctors of previous years and would allow for the return of several actors who portrayed the Doctor over the years such as David Tennant and Tom Baker.  It would also show various concepts used throughout the series and was a special tribute that fans would talk about for ages.  Time of the Doctor aired on Christmas Day and featured the transition from the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) to the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi).

            A special two-disc soundtrack was released by Silva Screen Records to celebrate these monumental moments in the television series.  Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor/Time of the Doctor features music created by longtime Doctor Who composer Murray Gold and a reversible cover that allows fans to see artwork celebrating both episodes.

            As a celebration of the 50 years of the series, it seems only right that the theme of the series should be incorporated in just about every track of Day of the Doctor.  The music is action packed and adrenaline pumping, offering up a sense of danger and suspense in each of the twenty-three tracks on the album.  Being a Christmas special, Time of the Doctor features bells amongst music one would normally associate with Christmas.  But this music features less action and more drama as we say a tearful goodbye to one Doctor and hesitantly welcome in a new one.  These softer tracks feature orchestral sounds with woodwinds and strings.  The resulting score is quite a beautiful listen.

            Fans of the Doctor Who series will love this 2 disc album with over forty tracks of music spanning two hours.  It is a fitting tribute to the series that has spanned five decades.  Murray Gold's music for Doctor Who has always been enjoyable, but somehow, for this set, he has put forth a little something special that makes this set one of the best I've listened to in the series.


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