Doctor Who: Series 5

Musical Score By: Murray Gold

Distributed by: Silva Screen Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Doctor Who is a series that has spanned decades.  First airing in 1963, the BBC series follows the adventures of an eccentric humanoid alien adventurer who travels through space and time.  Along with his companion, Doctor Who has faced numerous adversaries over the years and has saved many a civilization.  Thanks to a special regeneration ability that takes place when the Doctor is near death, there have been eleven such Doctors over the years.

            The fifth season of the newly imagined Doctor Who series didnít just begin with a new Doctor (the fourth seasonís Doctor having departed in the episode End of Time), a new executive director and head writer and a new companion.  One thing remained the same, though - the musical score of the series would be created by Murray Gold.  Having worked in television, film and stage, Murray Gold has created award-nominated musical scores for Vanity Fair, Queer as Folk and Casanova, but is perhaps best known for the musical compositions he has been creating for Doctor Who since 2005.

            The soundtrack of Doctor Who: Series 5 features 2 CDs of music composed by Murray Gold for the thirteen episodes of the 2010 season of the show, performed by The BBC National Orchestra of Wales and the Crouch End Festival Chorus with vocal solos by Yamit Mamo, Melanie Pappenheim and Dorie Jackson.  With a new and totally reinvented Doctor, a new Doctor theme was called for.  The first track of the Doctor Who: Series 5 Soundtrack features that theme as a whole in Doctor Who XI and then in parts dispersed throughout the soundtrack. 

            Consisting of sixty-three tracks of music in varying lengths, the musical score of Doctor Who: Series 5 is quite diverse, ranging in style from action-packed, fast-paced percussions accompanied by horn fanfares to subtle, quietly romantic violins to huge orchestral performances.  Often times, our conscious mind tends to take little notice of the background music that plays during scenes of a television series.  However, it is this music that enhances the scenes for us, adding that extra bit of adrenaline rush, romantic feeling, despair, etc.  Murray Gold is the master of such musical creations.  Having never watched the series, I can still tell when a particular episode contains humor, remorse, action, adventure or reflection just by listening to the musical score he has created for the episode.

            Whatís nice about this soundtrack is that the music is in perfect order from the first episode of the season to the last.  Thereís no jumping around from episode to episode and back again, confusing things.  The listener can get the entire experience of Series 5 without guessing at which episode the music might have come from.  Any fan of the Doctor Who series would be extremely happy to own the Doctor Who: Series 5 Soundtrack.  The two CD, sixty-three track album will be released by Silva Screen Records on February 8, 2011, so get in line and pick up your copy of a soundtrack that perfectly represents the series it was created for. 


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