Doctor Who: Series 6

Musical Score By: Murray Gold

Distributed by: Silva Screen Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Doctor Who is a science fiction series that has spanned decades.  First airing in 1963, the BBC series follows the adventures of an eccentric humanoid alien adventurer who travels through space and time.  Along with his companion, Doctor Who has faced numerous adversaries over the years and has saved many a civilization.  Thanks to a special regeneration ability that takes place when the Doctor is near death, there have been eleven such Doctors over the years.  Series 6 of Doctor Who picked up where Series 5 left off with the Doctor (Matt Smith), April (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) investigating the mysterious religious order known as the Silence that somehow caused the Tardis to explode.

            Nominated for BAFTAs for his work on Vanity Fair and Cassanova, British composer Murray Gold has worked as a composer and musical director in film, television and stage for a number of years, but is best known for his work on the revamped Doctor Who television series.  He has scored every single episode since the show’s inception in 2005.  In February 2012, Silva Screen released a compilation of the music composed by Murray for Doctor Who: Series 6 in a two-CD set.

            In my opinion, the music created for Series 6 is a bit more upbeat in tempo.  The Doctor’s theme is more in the way of an action theme, with Murray using the same notes for the theme, but playing it faster and with more intensity.  In fact, a majority of the tracks on this album feel like action tracks, leading me to believe (as I have never really watched the series) that this season packs quite the action punch.  Of course, the Doctor Who series does have its humorous side and this is evident in several tracks that feature music of a lighter, airier tone, like Growing Up Fast, The Blush of Love, Bedtime for George (which, as you would imagine has a dreamy quality to it), Ladieswear and more.  Most of the more lighthearted tracks can be found on CD 2.  And of course, throughout all of the tracks there pervades the air of mystery and adventure that is and always will be present in the series.

            Featuring 66 tracks and approximately two hours worth of music, the Doctor Who: Series 6 Soundtrack is a terrific by at close to $18.00US (depending on the format and where you purchase it).  Doctor Who fans will love it and any music aficionado will find the two-disc album quite enjoyable.  Kudos to Murray Gold who has done it again, creating a musical score that both fans and music lovers who have never seen the show can both enjoy!


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