Non-Fiction / Supernatural

Do Dead People Watch You Shower

Written by: Concetta Bertoldi

Published By: Harper Paperbacks

Reviewed by Dorothy Doremus

            I received this book from a co-worker who thought it would be a fun read for me as we both are avid watchers of the SyFy series Ghost Hunters and talk about the show and ghosts as much as we can before someone gets weirded out.  I have always had a curiosity about the afterlife and I love to read about people who have had experiences or about mediums and their connections to the spirit world.  So when I received Do Dead People Watch You Shower, it was so much fun to read I read it in one day. 

            The book centers around medium Concetta Bertoldi and her ghostly readings.  I have to say that anytime I approach one of these novels I do so with an air of caution, as some mediums are more full of themselves than the afterlife.  Concetta is not only the real deal but this book really delivers the goods.  It is a book that not only gives you the good news but also the not so good news that is sometimes left out by those so called mediums. 

            Do Dead People Watch You Shower?  The question was answered as yes, but not because, as Concetta puts it, they want to look at us in a physical way.  According to Concetta, they want to be with us.  The book is laid in a question/answer style. 

            I know someone out there is not going to believe everything this novel has to offer, but I will offer a suggestion: read this with an open mind and heart.  I have to say there were parts of this book that I found fascinating, such as there is no religion in the afterlife according to what Concetta has learned.  I always was curious how religion played out on the other side, were people divided by religion after they passed, Catholics to the right,  Jewish folks to the left, Muslims to the right northwest, etc. 

            Another part I enjoyed was the personal side of Concetta.  She was married to a non-believer and this put a strain on her personally and professionally, but thankfully it all worked out.  

            I really enjoyed the theory as to why we are all here.  It is explained that we are pre-destined from the moment we chose to be born.  So if I am coming to earth to be a lawyer and die from a heart attack upon receiving my first case, then that is what it is - it is the mission you chose - to come and learn and when it is over you go back to the other side.  This is profound to me on several levels because does that mean you cannot change your destiny?   If so, that explains why I never win the lotto, close but no cigar. 

            I really enjoyed this book.  I have to say that some people may not be a fan of these views but try to keep an open mind and really think about the answers you are being given to the questions, which at times can be a little silly but its all in the fun of this book.


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