Do It Right the First Time

by Jon Minners

            You know what annoys me the most? When people are rewarded for doing something they should have been doing all along in the first place.

            For instance, imagine working really hard at a job and getting all your work done on time and watching as someone who is regularly late and never does anything gets all the attention because he is a slacker and people hate him. People are wasting their time working on him, when they should just fire him. What happens next? Well, the slacker suddenly starts coming in on time and he gets his work done. He still is not producing even near as much as you are, but because he has shown improvement, suddenly, he is getting all these accolades. "Good job. You've really turned yourself around. Let's reward you with a raise to show you that when you do put in the effort, you get all the benefits. That should keep you motivated." Wait, what about the person who has been doing all the work all along; who has been going above and beyond for years; who never slacks? You are ignored. They expect the kind of work from you so it's not special. Too bad. Now, try slacking a little and dropping yourself to the level of the jerk who just got a raise - I guarantee you will get a reprimand, if not fired. You may even be compared to the loser who has suddenly become Mr. Most Improved. "Why can't you be more like Jerk Face. He's really improved himself. He keeps pushing himself. You are doing nothing of the sort. Jerk Face is going places and if you don't shape up , the only place you will be going is on the unemployment line."

            It happens everywhere. The kid who always gets A's is ignored, but the kid who got F's all his life is rewarded when he or she brings home a C or a B. Nowhere near as good as the person getting A's, but people are inherently stupid and all they see is change. They are bored by someone doing the same thing all the time. Pay attention to how people react the minute you get a haircut. Suddenly, they notice you. Shave your head bald and everyone will comment on how great you look and how exciting your haircut is. Grow it back in and three months later, shave yourself bald again and people will react the same way, as if they never saw it before. Change gets a reaction and therefore straight A's seem to get less enthusiasm than a person who sucks and suddenly does average work.

            It's like the guy who is physically fit. Sure, you look great, but Mr. Geek who suddenly starts working out; he will get all the attention. "Wow, you gained 20 pounds of muscle...you look great!" Because you have been cock diesel all your life, people just don't notice anymore. It really, truly sucks. It's not fair, but it is the way of life. So, you are going to have to deal with it...or don't deal with it...wait a bit...then start dealing with it and receive all the praise for finally being a team player. Works every time.


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