Don't Dream Alone

Artist: My Brothers And I

Produced by: Expunged Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            Once again, I have been given the opportunity to check out a brand new band out of Portland, Oregon with a soulful sound thanks to Alex Steininger.  Called My Brothers and I, the group consists of brothers David Wurgler (lead vocals), Erik Wurgler (bass and vocals) and Scott Wurgler (drums), and childhood friends Jordan Roach (guitar) and Johnny Ilyin (keys and vocals).  Their debut album, Don't Dream Alone, was released on Expunged Records on September 18th and I just had the opportunity to take a listen.

The musical sound of Don't Dream Alone is hard to pin down.  At first, you think you might have the next great boy band, with a pop sound that is familiar to you, but then you are hit with a soulful, R&B sound that floors you and makes you wonder how you could ever take My Brothers and I for a simple pop band.  The harmonies are amazing and the band has such a powerful and professional sound that you start to wonder why you haven't heard them on mainstream radio.

It all starts with Dream, a pop song featuring lyrics that echo the title of the album in which the singer wants to dream bigger, love and live in the present, not in the past.  Granted, a pop love song in which the singer promises his lover that he won't take anything for granted, because the rest of his life he'll be living for her.  This is followed by another love song in an alternative pop format called In the Stars Maggie Brown is a fun pop track and a hopeful love song in which the singer boldly states, "I'm the one for you, you don't have to settle."

And then we get hit with the R&B harmony side of My Brothers and I with Nowhere to Run which discusses a confused romance.  Na Na Na comes next with its catchy harmony.  This R&B track is about a love gone sour.  Waiting for Love talks about the obvious - a love worth waiting for - and reminds us that such a love cannot be forced but must be waited for patiently.  Stay Here is another track about a love gone sour that contains a last plea to fight for that love.  Fly Away is another love song.  This is followed by Mistakes, in which the singer speaks about mistakes that may have cost him his love and his plea to get that love back.  The final track, Scars, reminds us that we all have been scarred by the past: "Scars remind us where we've been and where we will go...I know you're lost.  It's okay.  We've all got scars and you are not alone."

The fact that My Brothers and I can switch so smoothly from pop to R&B is amazing.  The vocals are spot on in either genre and, though the entire album is about love, the lyrics speak of love in its various forms - love lost, love found, love hoped for, love embraced, love reunited.  My Brothers and I have a polished sound that will make any listener wonder if they have heard this band on the radio before.  Sadly, they have yet to be played on mainstream music stations.  Much is the loss for those stations - My Brothers and I are a band not easily ignored.  I predict that songs from Don't Dream Alone will soon make their way onto various television series like Grey's Anatomy, Arrow and the like.  This is definitely one band I want to hear more from!


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