The Dovekeepers

Composed By: Jeff Beal

Distributed by: Varese Sarabande Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Based on Alice Hoffmans novel, The Dovekeepers is based on true events, set in ancient Israel in 70 C.E.  After forced from their home in Jerusalem by the Romans, nine hundred Jews were entrenched in a fortress at Masada, a mountain in the Judean desert.  Under siege, they held out for months against the Roman army.  The movie offers up the perspective of a handful of extraordinary women with unique backstories who end up at Masada.  Working together daily as dovekeepers, these women are all hiding quite substantial secrets.

                The musical score of The Dovekeepers was created by musician and award-winning composer Jeff Beal.  First receiving national attention while in college as a recipient of eleven db awards from Downbeat Magazine for recordings as a jazz trumpeter, composer and arranger, Beal has gone on to have a lucrative composing career.  Some of his works include Appaloosa, No Good Deed, Door to Door, Monk, Ugly Betty, Blackfish, The Queen of Versailles, The Newsroom and House of Cards.

                The Dovekeepers Soundtrack is a two-CD set filled with over two hours of music for the miniseries.  The music of The Dovekeepers features woodwinds, strings and other orchestral instruments mixed with acoustic guitars and instruments of the region, used to define the locale of the film.  Ethereal vocals are added in more poignant scenes for dramatic effect.  Strings and acoustic guitars are often used in the softer moments of the film.  Woodwinds offer up the sound of fluttering wings, used perhaps in scenes in which the doves are set loose.  Horns and percussion represent the might of the Roman army.

                There is a great deal of music to be had in The Dovekeepers Soundtrack and all of it is dramatic, a perfect accompaniment to the visuals and emotions of the miniseries.  At $12.00 for the digital version of the 2-CD set, this album is a steal.  Definitely an epic score worth taking a listen to.


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