Composed By: Chan Kwong Wing and Peter Kam

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Set in 1917 Liu Village, on the border of Yunnan, Dragon stars Donnie Yen as Liu Jinxi, a family man who happens to be inside a shop at the moment two bandits show up to rob it.  When the bandits become violent towards the shopkeeper, Liu comes to his rescue, killing them during the fight.  Detective Xu Baijiu (Takeshi Kaneshiro) is skeptical of Liuís account of events, especially when an autopsy reveals the identity of one of the bandits is one of the governmentís ten most wanted fugitives.   But will it be worth it to Xu to discover what really happened on that night.  The possibility of discovering Liuís real identity could be hazardous to oneís health.

                The musical score of Dragon was created by Hong Kong composers Chan Kwong Wing and Peter Kam.  Chan Kwong Wing is a record producer and music composer for Hong Kong films.  He has been nominated seventeen times at the Hong Kong Film Awards and has won awards for his musical scores of The Storm Riders, Bodyguards and Assassins and Wu Xia.  Peter Kam is also a composer for Hong Kong films and has worked as a co-composer numerous times with Chan Kwong Wing.  Peter Kam has won eight awards at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

                The music of Dragon is quite an enjoyable mix of orchestral and rock compositions featuring traditional Asian instrumentation and electric and electronic influences.  The effect drops you into 1917 China, placing you in the timeline of the film, while still infusing you with the adrenaline rush expected from an action film.  With elements of old and new musical styles, the composing team of Chan Kwang Wing and Peter Kam have created a unique and fun musical score that any fan of martial arts films can get into.

                The Dragon Soundtrack is one of those versatile albums, featuring music that represents the story and enhances the visuals while still serving perfectly as a stand alone album.  This is a soundtrack well worth taking a listen to.


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