Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Milan Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the comedy, Dreamland, Johnny Simmons is Monty Fagan, a part-time pianist with a dream to open a piano bar.  Nobody is really jazzed about this piano bar, but Monty believes in his dream.  While working as a fill-in pianist at an upscale hotel, Monty finds himself in a May-December romance that turns his world around and makes his dream a possible reality.

                The Dreamland Soundtrack features music by Director Robert Schwartzman, Clasixx, Voyuu, Honeymoon, Rooney, Michael David, Sunday, Coconut Records and more.  Scenes in which Monty is filling in as a pianist in the hotel bar feature some classical and light music, like Lotus Blossom, I Love My Wife and I Hope You Found What You're Looking For.  Most of the music has that 80s synth feel and features a dreamy quality as in songs like A Fax from the Beach, Myrrh Birth and Samurai Dreams.

                Favorites on the album for me include Nighttiming, Sad But True and Elevator.  Even I Love My Wife is kind of funny when you listen to the lyrics.  However, I was really unimpressed by Covering Chumba Wumbaís version of Tub Thumping, a song I rather enjoyed back in the day and sang along with often.

                Having listened to the Dreamland Soundtrack a number of times to find just the right way to describe this album, I realized that the title actually described it perfectly.  This movie is about dreams and what one will go through to attain their dreams.  There is a dreamy quality to much of the music in the songs on this album and, though some of the songs are enjoyable, Iím not sure how many people will be rushing out to get a copy of this soundtrack.  Itís just not all that memorable.


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