Composed By: Paul Leonard-Morgan

Distributed by: Metropolis Movie Music

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In the new 3D action/sci-fi movie Dredd, based on the Judge Dredd comic book series, the future America is a wasteland, destroyed by radiation.  The city structure of the country has changed.  The area from Boston to Washington, D.C. is now known as Mega City One, a violent metropolis ruled by criminals.  The only beings standing between the criminals and the innocents are the urban cops known as the Judges, and the most powerful of those, known as Judge Dredd (Karl Urban), has been assigned the task of ridding the streets of a deadly new drug called Slo-Mo.  Unfortunately, in the midst of it all, Dredd has to train and evaluate a new rookie Judge with psychic abilities named Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby).  Wouldn't it be just their luck that one of her first assignments with him would send them into one of the most dangerous parts of the city, a 200-floor vertical slum run by former prostitute, now drug overlord, Ma-Ma (Lena Headey) and her clan?

            The musical score of Dredd was created by Scottish composer Paul Leonard-Morgan.  Classically trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Paul Leonard-Morgan soon earned a reputation as a composer, arranger and producer.  He began working with renowned acts such as Snow Patrol, Belle and Sebastian, Texas, Joy Zipper and Isobel Campbell.  His composition work for director David MacKenzie put Leonard-Morgan on the map as a sought after film composer.  His television and film composing projects include Fallen, Silent Witness, Love Me Still, Limitless, Mi-5 and more.

            The genre of Dredd called for a musical score that would not only reflect the action of the film, but the film's time and locale.  Thus, the Dredd Soundtrack features futuristic music - full-on industrial metal with synths, heavy guitar riffs and slamming percussion.  Any fan of the heavier stages of rock will find this soundtrack enjoyable, bobbing their head to the rhythm of the music and imagining a futuristic world featuring a harsh urban environment in which the criminals generally have the upper hand.

            There is no doubt in my mind that Paul Leonard-Morgan has created a musical score for Dredd that will not only support the visuals of the film, but leave a lasting impression on the viewer - enough of a lasting impression that they will be seeking out a Dredd Soundtrack.  Fans of industrial and heavy metal rock music will enjoy the Dredd Soundtrack as a stand alone album.  I, for one, am happy to have had the opportunity to review such an enjoyable soundtrack engineered to amp up the adrenaline and make for an exciting action film accompaniment.  The Dredd Soundtrack is one of those albums you just have to have in your soundtrack collection.


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