Reality Television

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet

Aired on: Animal Planet

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

                One Saturday, I was in that exhausted but staring at the television mode, waiting for dinner time.  I literally was just sitting on the couch, staring at the television with my hand on the remote's channel button, watching shows scroll by until I came across one that woke me up.  It was Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet, airing on Animal Planet.  For some reason, I couldn’t stop watching and, when one episode was over, I watched another.  I watched during dinner and after dinner.  Yup, it was a Dr. Jeff marathon!

                Dr. Jeff Young first realized what he wanted to do with his life when he lost his pet dog at the age of eight.  He would often help animals, taking them home as pets.  He eventually studied veterinary medicine at Colorado State University and was hired on as an animal welfare officer in Fort Collins.  He began noticing that some vets were less about the care of their patients and more about the money in the business.  Dr. Jeff decided he would commit his life to providing low cost animal care for all, building a clinic in Denver and traveling across America with a mobile clinic providing animal care to those who couldn’t access or afford it.

                Living above his clinic with his wife Petra, Dr. Jeff is not what one expects when they are looking for a vet.  This vet is more of a free spirit, often sporting long hair, tattoos and flip-flops, but he and his staff are dedicated to caring for each pet equally.  His clinic name says it all.  Planned Pethood Plus, a play on Planned Parenthood, where he and his staff keep animals happy and healthy for lower costs than average animal hospitals.  The clinic has more than 80,000 clients, performs approximately thirty surgeries a day and travels to help others.

                In the episodes I watched, I noticed that each person who had a major medical issue with their cat, dog or bird mentioned that they had brought their pet to a local vet and couldn’t afford the cost.  Dr. Jeff would perform surgeries on some of these animals for minimal fees, making certain that the person who brought their beloved pet in could care for their animal at a cost that they were capable of paying.  Who does that?  He would even house the pet and often not bill the client for the extra time and care provided. 

The episodes aired on that day also showed Dr. Jeff and staff visiting other areas.  In one episode, Dr. Jeff traveled to a puppy mill rescue facility, helping to heal some injuries and spay or neuter the animals.  He was so taken with the plight of the animals, that he offered to have some of the more adoptable dogs stay at his clinic where they could be seen and perhaps find forever homes.  In another episode, other doctors from the clinic traveled to a horse rescue where they neutered a horse and yet another showed Dr. Jeff’s crew helping a wolf dog sanctuary make certain their rescues were healthy.

 I loved watching this show.  Dr. Jeff and his staff really care for these animals and Planned Pethood Plus offers extraordinary care for pets for less, often exceeding the care these pets might get at more expensive locales.  I love that Dr. Jeff donates his time and resources to rescue groups to ensure they can afford to continue their good works.  You can tell that Dr. Jeff is a bit of a daredevil and doesn’t mind working with any animal, whether it’s a cat who has swallowed dental floss or a mountain lion who needs his nails trimmed.  I was utterly hooked from the first show and I couldn’t stop watching Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet all night.  I will now make certain to check out the new episodes beginning Saturday, April 16 at 9pm EST.  Any animal lover who has experienced the high price of animal health care would call this man a hero and would definitely enjoy watching this show.


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