Written by: Stephenie Meyer

Published By: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Reviewed by Dorothy Doremus


            You know the saying from Lays Potato Chips, you canít just eat one.  Well, the same goes for Stephanie Meyerís Twilight novels.  I never thought I would be hooked on the series, but I am.

            In Eclipse, the third novel in the series, we pick up the story with Bella, Edward and Alice returning safely from their encounter with the Volturi.  Life goes on and senior year starts at high school.  Bella is after Edward to turn her into a vampire now that she knows the Volturi are watching her every move, ensuring the secret existence of vampires stays that way.  Edward is stubborn about it because he wants Bella to have real life experiences, some of which he cannot give her because of his super strength.

            Jacob is back as Bellaís best friend and enjoying his werewolf ways.  We learn a lot about how the pack started and the folklore behind it.  Itís actually one of my favorite parts of the novel.

            Carlisle is drawn to the news of late, due to a massive amount of murders going on in nearby Seattle.  He has drawn the conclusion that they are newborn vampires that are out of control, but is nervous about taking care of the situation because he doesnít want the Volturi paying Bella a visit quite yet.

            These newborn vampires are not only dangerous but they are being controlled by Victoria with the sole purpose of destroying the Cullens.  Victoria, however, was not counting on the fact that the vampires and werewolves would form a pact to protect each other and the home they have come to love.

            The best book of the series this far, I purchased Eclipse immediately after reading New Moon.  Stephanie Meyer has total control of the folklore of vampires and werewolves and somehow makes me believe her lore over anything I had ever thought Iíd known about vampires and werewolves before.  Thatís what makes her writing so good.



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