Supernatural / Romance / Action

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Distributed by: Summit Entertainment

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            When my friend suggested that we go see the movie, Eclipse, I wondered whether it was worth paying that horridly high theater ticket price to see this film.  After she had read the books, we had rented the movies and, while they weren’t horrible, they weren’t movies I was excited about seeing.  I could have never seen them and not really have been worried about it much.  But I was hearing decent things about Eclipse and I was on vacation, so I figured why not.

            Thus far, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) has had an interesting high school experience while living with her father in Forks, Washington.  She’s fallen in love with a vampire, had a werewolf fall in love with her and been hunted down by the lover of a vampire who was killed by Bella’s boyfriend’s family after he tried to kill her.

            In Bella’s senior year, it would seem things would be just as interesting.  After all, this is the last year Bella plans to be human.  She wants Edward (Robert Pattenson) to change her so they can be together forever.  His one request is that she marry him and she is more than happy to do so, much to the chagrin of Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), Bella’s best friend.  Jacob is a werewolf and his clan are bitter enemies of vampires.  So, his hate for Edward Cullen is two-fold: he’s a vampire and Bella is smitten with him.  This year, Jacob vows to let Bella know his feelings for her before it is too late and she becomes one of the very creatures he is sworn to destroy.

            Meanwhile, in Seattle, some strange things have been going on.  It starts off with a missing person or two and then reaches a plateau with quite a few disturbing murders.  Mounting an investigation due to some of the details of the murders, the Cullens learn that someone is amassing an army of vampires.  As their investigations progress, they learn that the vampire army may indeed be lead by Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard), Bella’s old nemesis. 

            An army of this size would be difficult to handle for the Cullens, but an army of this size consisting of newly turned vampires would be next to impossible.  Vampires are at their strongest in this period of their lives.  The Cullens would need help defending themselves as well as protecting Bella.  Can they convince Jacob and the rest of his clan to help in their fight against Victoria’s army?  And is Victoria really behind the formation of this army or is someone much more devious behind it all?

            Finally, the directors of this film have gotten it right!  Eclipse is thus far the best film in the Twilight saga.  With the first films in this series, it always felt like something was missing, but with Eclipse, the formula is complete - romance, action, mystery and a much more in depth look at the characters.  Characters are forced to search their own deep desires to discover whether what they want is really more than they can actually handle.  Revelations about some of the characters bring the viewers a deeper understanding of their actions in past movies.  The romance is heightened as Jacob forces his way between Bella and Edward, creating a love triangle and forcing Bella to face her own feelings for him.  And the action - oh my, the action!  Werewolves and vampires locked in combat, each battle well-choreographed and exciting with very believable special effects.

            There are almost no slow moments in this film, which is a welcome difference between Eclipse and the other movies in this series.  Eclipse is action packed and when the heroes are not trying to fight off evil vampires or fighting amongst themselves, they are at war with their inner demons.  I was surprised I enjoyed this film so much and I actually look forward to seeing the next chapter in the Twilight saga.


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