Musical Score By: John Lunn

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In the dramatic film Electricity style=, based on a novel by Ray Robinson style=, Agyness Deyn style= is Lily O'Connor, a young woman who suffers from epilepsy style= that causes hallucinations style=.  When her mother dies, Lily attempts to track down her younger brother Mikey (Christian Cooke style=), but her condition makes that journey rather difficult.

            The musical score of Electricity was created by Scottish composer John Lunn style=.  Though he's worked in a number of mediums, Lunn is best known for composing for television, working on such popular series as Downton Abbey style=, Walking the Dead, The White Queen and Grantchester style=.

            Electricity features an electronic score with synths, keyboards, electronic sounds and reverb.  According to the Electricity Soundtrack style= press release, the score was created with a handful of instruments including a piano, an Oberheim 4-voice style= and a battery of analogue modular synth style= modules.  Though dramatic in nature, the music is somewhat boring to an average listener attempting to figure out what the movie is about via the music.  Having not read the liner notes before listening to the score, I was left wondering if this was a love story gone sour.

            After watching the film's trailer, I began to understand the use of synths and reverb as a way to musically describe Lily's epileptic episodes.  While I think that this was genius of Lunn, I think the music is great as accompaniment to the visuals of the film and not exactly warranting of an album.  I'm not certain that there are many who would pay upward of $9.00 for this ten-track soundtrack, but I do applaud the composer for his work all the same.


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