First Impressions

Eli Stone

Aired on: ABC

Reviewed by Justine Manzano


            Some television shows just donít sound good on paper.  When I read the description of Eli Stone, ABCís newest mid-season replacement, I thought that it sounded ridiculous.  And when you read my review, you might also think that it sounds ridiculous.  But, hopefully, if I do my job correctly, youíll hear me out.  You might even take my advice.  You see, Iím a person who enjoys a strange show, so if you do, listen up, and know that if my description is lacking, itís a lot better than it sounds. 

            Eli Stone is about a man by that name (Jonny Lee Miller, Hackers, Aeon Flux) who seems to have it all Ė a fantastic job as an attorney at a top corporate law firm, a gorgeous fiancť (Natasha Henstridge, Species, The Whole Nine Yards).  Then, he starts hearing things Ė namely George Michaelís ďFaithĒ ringing out through his office building.  Later, he begins to see things Ė like George Michael singing ďFaithĒ in his living room.  Seeking the advice of both a medical doctor and an acupuncturist, Eli soon makes two vital discoveries.  For one, Eliís hallucinations are being caused by an aneurysm deep in his brain, which his father also had and which cannot be surgically removed.  Secondly, the visions that he is having are guiding him to help people and win legal cases.  Suddenly swept up in his hallucinations, Eli is set forth on a brand new journey in which he stands a chance to lose a lot, but also to change who he is and what his understanding is of  his father.

            So, as is usual in our First Impressions series, I have only seen one episode of Eli Stone and, so far, I like it.  It has a quirky humor to it and a nice message.  Its message - itís never too late to change who youíve become into who you truly want to be.  Similar to shows like Joan of Arcadia and Wonderfalls, one could imagine that Eliís visions could potentially lead him on an emotional roller coaster that could be quite fun to watch.  However, though the appearance of George Michael was funny in the first episode, I am hoping that his appearances donít become a continuous thing as it could quickly get cheesy.

            So, all in all, Eli Stone is a good show that I think you (yes you!) should definitely check out. And with the writerís strike limiting your viewing choices, you really donít have much of an excuse to do otherwise. 


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