Comedy / Stand-Up

Ellen DeGeneres – Here and Now

Modern Life and Other Inconveniences

Performer: Ellen DeGeneres

Reviewed by Melissa Minners



            Ellen DeGeneres is a well known comedian who has managed to compete within every form of media available.  She’s starred in a hit television sitcom named Ellen, written comedic books, starred as the voice of Dora in the hit movie Finding Nemo, recorded comedy albums, and is the host of the talk show entitled The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  What makes Ellen DeGeneres so funny is her ability to point out the hilarity in every day situations. 

            Here and Now: Modern Life and Other Inconveniences, available through HBO Video, is Ellen at her best.  The DVD runs 60 minutes and is a taped stand-up comedy session performed by DeGeneres at New York City’s Beacon Theater.  She begins with a discussion of procrastination – an art that everyone can identify with – and segways into several other areas.  Women will find Ellen’s diatribe about the public restroom convenient inconveniences to be hysterical.  Who hasn’t complained about the automatic flushing toilets or the zero-ply toilet paper, but, as performed by Ellen, these inconveniences become hysterical outtakes in our ordinary lives. Ellen discovers humor in everything from the latest time saving trends to cell phone usage, movie etiquette to commercials.  There’s even a whole segment on the way music is at the heart of all that we do. 

            It’s good to see that a comedian who has found such success in television and movies is able to return to their roots.  Ellen DeGeneres is someone to whom stand-up comedy comes naturally.  Viewers will find themselves in tears laughing and wishing that the DVD was longer than the paltry 60 minutes.  In fact, the length of the DVD may truly be the only disappointing factor.  This DVD is a must have for anyone in need of a pick-me-up.   



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