Enough Said

Composed By: Marcelo Zarvos

Distributed by: FOX Music

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the romantic comedy Enough Said, Julia Louise-Dreyfus is Eva, a divorced single parent working as a masseuse to make ends meet and dreading the day her daughter leaves for college.  She meets Albert (James Gandolfini) and finds they have much in common.  He, too, is divorced and also facing impending empty nest issues.  The two hit it off immediately, but things begin to get awkward when Eva discovers that one of her customers is actually Albert's ex-wife (Catherine Keener).

                The musical score of Enough Said was created by Brazilian pianist and composer Marcelo Zarvos, known for blending classical, orchestral, electronic and other styles of music together to create uniquely emotional musical scores.  Zarvos began his career by training in classical music as a teenager in São Paulo.  He continued his musical studies at the Berklee College of Music, the California Institute of the Arts and Hunter College.  Zarvos became noticed in the year 2000 with his scores for Kissing Jessica Stein and The Door in the Floor.  Since then, he has created a number of musical scores for film, including The Good Shepherd, Brooklyn's Finest, Sin Nombre, Beastly and The Words, and for the television series Ray Donovan.

                The musical score of Enough Said is mainly guitars and piano with orchestral undertones.  The music takes on a waltz style, perhaps to signify a lover's waltz - the metaphorical dance two people do as they enter into a relationship.  Zarvos is big on adding ethnic elements into his score and Enough Said is no exception.  According to Zarvos, he wanted to express fully the ups and downs of Eva's life: "The score gradually shifts from percussive melodies to a more intimate and lyrical approach.  We introduce a waltz and even a slow bluesy bossa while cues get longer and deeper, with fuller orchestrations. As with all the great Holofcener characters it was crucial that we felt Eva's journey with all of its highs, lows and soulful imperfections."

                Those low points can be downright depressing at times and the high points, well they weren't all that differently expressed in other romantic comedy scores for me.  Zarvos is usually known for his unique styling in musical scoring, but the score for Enough Said simply isn't unique enough to be stand out.  At twenty-nine tracks in length, the Enough Said Original Motion Picture Score is just long enough to be tedious, but not long enough to be enlightening.  The musical score of Enough Said just doesn't grab you like some of Zarvos' other scores and is ultimately not something that I would go out of my way to purchase.


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