Epistle: A Love Letter

Written by: Max Thompson

Published By: Inkblot Books

Reviewed by Chloe Minners


                I’ve been trying my paw at writing lately and my ghost writer sister suggested I start easy with stuff called reviews.  She said I could watch or read things I like and then write about them.  Genius!  I decided to write a review of every cat's hero Max Thompson’s new book, Epistle: A Love Letter.

                Max, AKA: The Psychokitty, has written a lot of books over the years.  His earlier books were hilarious, but I was starting to worry about him with his last one – seemed like Max was getting ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge or at least thinking about it way too much.  It was a little on the depressing side.  But this book has a different tone to it.  Sure, Max is getting up there in age and has lost quite a few of his blogging friends, but he’s still a young kitty at heart and he has a lot of knowledge to impart on younger kitties like me.

                That’s what Epistle: A Love Letter is all about.  Max writes this book as if he is writing a letter to his younger self, letting him know everything he can about the life he is about to lead.  Sure, we have heard some of this stuff before in past books Max has written, but so what?  These are some of the funniest moments of his life. 

And there’s lots more stories we never heard before, like how Max saved The Woman’s life…not once, but twice!  And about his philanthropy – I knew that he was incredibly intelligent, handsome and a terrific writer, but I had no idea how giving a soul he is.  He gives his money to save boobies…’cause let’s face it, boobies and laps are the most comfortable parts of any female human.  He also donates his hard earned salary (book writing isn’t easy you know) to other kitties and even sticky people.  I donate to kitties and puppies, because I was a rescue kitty myself and know what it’s like not to have.  I never would have thought of donating toys to sticky humans – I generally don’t have any use for them – but Max made me see that it’s just as special as donating toys to the kitties.  Just makes Max that much cooler to me!

Discussions about Buddah Pest have made me see something in myself…or at least understand a thing or two.  I’m not “off” like Max says Buddah is, but I do have a few habits that appear to be very similar to Buddah’s.  I tend to correct my humans a tad more emphatically than I have to.  But sometimes humans just don’t get it.  Like when they pet me for too long or move when I am comfortably resting on my human’s lap.  I nip to get the point across…okay, maybe a little more than a nip…maybe a rabbit kick or two.  But now I see that it has something to do with being a rescue kitty that was not socialized with my mommy and fellow kittymates long enough.  Good thing my humans understand this and don’t toss me out on my furry arse.

Epistle may be smaller than most of Max’s books, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less enjoyable.  I really enjoyed Max’s love letter to his younger self.  He imparts all of the wisdom he has amassed over the years while still making us laugh our tails off.

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