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A Sci-Fi Theory of the Evolution of Man

by Melissa Minners

            A couple of nights ago, I stumbled upon a show airing on the History Channel style= that made me laugh until I gave it some thought.  One of the individuals interviewed on the show insisted that the Bible style= was written by aliens.  The initial idea made me laugh, but afterward, I decided to tackle the idea with the mind of a science fiction style= aficionado.

            Let’s say that aliens DID write the Bible.  How do we explain this?  My sci-fi mind began to run wild and I had to write my ideas down.  Keep in mind, this is only a science fiction-induced theory and not fact.  Feel free to decide what you will about this theory, but please, do not formulate a cult style= or religion style= around it.

            It would be rather egotistical of humans to believe that we are the only intelligent life forms out there.  The fact that we haven’t discovered intelligent life forms in this galaxy style= means nothing.  After all, if there really are intelligent life forms in this galaxy, they might not wish to be discovered by us.  But for argument’s sake, let’s just say that intelligent life does not exist in this galaxy.  Who’s to say that it doesn’t exist in another galaxy?  After all, we are not so scientifically advanced to rule this out, being incapable of exploring other galaxies at this time.

            Expanding upon this theory, let us suppose that, just as in our civilization, there are those in another galaxy that go against the status quo…that go against the grain…that rage against the norm…bucking the system, if you will.  For example, the majority of people on Earth believe that murder is wrong.  Thus, in most areas of our world – barring our happily warring nations – murder is against the law.  If the majority of people on Earth said that murder was not so bad, there would be no punishment for anyone who decided that they were tired of seeing certain people day after day and murdered them out of boredom.

            Who knows what laws could exist in this other galaxy?  What forms of punishment could these “people” who are “alien” to us come up with?  Let’s presume that the other galaxy is akin to us in that they punish their lawbreakers by locking them away somehow.  What if this intelligent life had come up with a solution to overpopulated prisons?  History tells us that many lawbreakers – actual or fabricated – in Britain were sent to British-owned land set up as a sort of prison state.  That land is now known as Australia.  What if the intelligent life in a galaxy adjacent to our own decided to do something similar? 

            Now, let’s expand on this theory – we are already presuming that this intelligent life in another galaxy is a tad more advanced than we are.  I don’t think that we could accept it being any other way – look at all of the sci-fi movies about alien life.  They always seem to be smarter than us.  Humans either have a huge inferiority complex where aliens are concerned, or else they have decided that this alien life has to be of greater intelligence to have hidden from such an extremely smart bunch of humans for so long.  But I digress.  Perhaps the aliens decided to place their “criminals” on a prison ship, their sentence to stay out in space until such time as their sentence has been completed.

            There are endless possibilities as to what could happen to these ships in space.  They could be swallowed up by a nova.  They could be destroyed by a meteor storm.  They could somehow find their way to the Milky Way by freak accident or some wormhole (again, science fiction tells us these things exist even though they haven’t quite been proven yet).  Let’s say something happens to the ship and it is forced to land on Earth.  Mind you, this would have to have happened in the very early years of life on this planet to make this hypothesis work.  These “aliens” may have been the very first life forms on the planet – a rather inhospitable planet if you ask them, what with the huge creatures alternating by stomping on them and eating them whole.

            We simply assume that the caveman evolved from ape-like creatures from what we’ve learned from fossils and other scientific methods.  Who’s to say that the caveman wasn’t really intelligent life from another galaxy forced to live on planet Earth?  I further present to you that the noises that used to emanate from these cavemen – presumed grunts, whistles and gruff vocals – were the original intelligent language of these “aliens” bastardized by slang into the languages of the world today.  As time wore on and inbreeding occurred, mutations began to appear.  A hunched over and hairy appearance turned into a more upright and less carpet-like manifestation. 

            Clans begin to form leading to differences in accents, vocal and written language, and clothing styles.  Different beliefs spring up leading to Greek Mythology, Roman Mythology, Norse Mythology, the so-called pagan religions.  Then, finally, many moons later, some young alien decides that his theory of how the world began is correct.  He writes about Adam and Eve, former occupants of the prison ship from another galaxy.  Of course, the story of their birth is fabricated – he’s a very imaginative little human…alien…whatever.  The voice that they hear telling them not to eat the apple style= is actually the voice of the ship.  It would seem that the original Adam and Eve style= had ignored the DO NOT TRESPASS style= signs on their home world and filched some expensive apples out of a neighbor’s property.  Thus they are evil and sentenced to listen to the admonition of the ship’s computer style= for the rest of their sentence.

            The alien showed his initial Genesis style= story to his friends who thought it rather engaging.  Happily, the alien continued creating until he had numerous volumes.  His friends and family considered this voluminous theory to be an authoritative account of what occurred.  Perhaps this is where the title Bible arose from.  After all, according to the dictionary, the word bible can mean “a book or collection of writings constituting the sacred text of a religion” or “a book considered authoritative in its field.” 

            So, there you have it – a science fiction theory of the evolution of man or how it can be possible that the Bible was written by aliens.  Keep in mind that this is a tongue-in-cheek reaction to something I saw on television and not the actual beliefs of anyone involved with this website.  If I have offended anyone, then they are taking this writing way too seriously and need to seek help to understand why that is.

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