Exodus: Gods and Kings

Composed By: Alberto Iglesias

Distributed by: Sony Classical

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Exodus: Gods and Kings is a dramatic film starring Christian Bale as Moses in retelling of the biblical story in which Moses realizes his true heritage and leads his people out of slavery.  The film also stars Joel Edgerton as Ramesses II, Sigourney Weaver as Queen Tuya, Aaron Paul as Joshua and Ben Kingsley as Nun.

                The musical score of Exodus: Gods and Kings was created by Spanish composer Alberto Iglesias, a classically trained pianist and guitarist who also studied electronic music while pursuing his career.  Beginning in 1980, Iglesias has received great recognition for his body of work which includes musical scores for The Constant Gardner, The Kite Runner, The Skin I Live In, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and more.

                The Exodus: Gods and Kings Soundtrack tells the epic story of Moses' rivalry with Ramesses, the revelation of Moses' true birth mother, his exile and eventual return as a champion of the Hebrews, leading his people to freedom, saving them from the vengeful hand of the Egyptian Pharaoh in the name of God.  And all of this is done through the art of music.  Iglesias achieves this storytelling quality by first placing us in the locale, creating music that features exotic instruments in addition to the regular orchestral ones and a Middle Eastern style.

                Important moments such as the Hittite Battle in which Moses fulfills some of an afore mentioned prophesy by rescuing Ramesses from death, The Coronation, Ramses Retaliates, Tsunami, and more are punctuated by fast-paced strings, loud brass, crashing cymbals and percussion instruments and the dramatic vocals of a choir.  Woven in are the moments of reflection and realization, quieter in nature and featuring female vocalists and softer, more drawn out orchestral performances.

                The music of Exodus: Gods and Kings is well-suited for the epic nature of the film.  Alberto Iglesias has created a score that is just as descriptive and dramatic as the visuals of the film, making it a perfect enhancement to bring the drama home for its viewers.  Alberto Iglesias strikes again and I wouldn't be surprised if he receives yet another Academy Award nomination for his work on the score of Exodus: Gods and Kings.


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