Musical Score By: Carlos Jose Alvarez

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the thriller, Exposed, Keanu Reeves is Scott Galban, a police detective investigating his own partner’s death.  The deeper he searches, the more he realizes that his partner was not a nice guy – in fact he was downright corrupt.  Could his death constitute a police department cover-up?  And who is this mysterious young woman named Isabel (Ana de Armas) involved in the case and what does she know about the corrupt actions and eventual death of Scott’s partner?

                The musical score of Exposed was created by Cuban-American composer, arranger, songwriter and producer Carlos Jose Alvarez.  Exposed to a great range of music as a child, he began playing percussion at an early age, studying percussion, music theory and piano when he was accepted into a performing arts school at the age of twelve.  He attended Berklee College of Music where he graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Film Scoring.  He then studied under maestro Michalis Economou in Athens, Greece.  Carlos Jose Alvarez’ first break into film composing came in 2009 with Deadline.  Since then, he has created musical score for a number of films, including The Quiet Hour, Inventing Adam, Cubamerican and more.

                When I listened to the Exposed Soundtrack, I was not quite sure what the film was about.  All I knew was that the female vocals added in some points to the orchestral music in the score leant a very dramatic air to the score.  Once I learned what the film was about, I was stumped.  This was not the score I expected for a thriller of this kind.  I found the music to be somber and lacking in any sort of action flare.  But the ethereal quality of the female vocals in tracks like Isabel's Miracle and Jose Comes Home speak to the angels and the miracle created in Isabel’s mind to ward off the demons of her reality.

                I found the Exposed Soundtrack to be quite an interesting listen, but my favorite tracks are those with more of a dramatic flair like Isabel’s Miracle.  Definitely worth a listen.


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