Musical Score Composed By: Sergio Moure

Distributed by: Varese Sarabande Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                They thought they had survived.  They thought they had escaped the worst of the horror.  Nine years after the zombie apocalypse, Jack (Jeffrey Donovan), his daughter Lu (Quinn McColgan) and their neighbor Patrick (Matthew Fox) had sequestered themselves in the snowbound town of Harmony, believing that the zombies had died off due to the severe cold.  A trip to scavenge for food leads to a horrific discovery – the zombies haven’t died out, but evolved into a new nightmare threatening to destroy the last remainders of the human race.

                The musical score of Extinction was created by Spanish composer Sergio Moure Oteyza.  Having studied music theory at the Aula de Musica in Barcelona, Spain, focusing on harmony, composition, arranging and guitar, Moure became a composer, teacher and lead musical coordinator.  In 2004, Sergio Moure came into his own with award nominations for his musical score of Unconscious.  Since then, he has created a number of musical scores for movies for television such as Echoes and Relics and feature films such as The Body, Thesis on a Homicide, Kidnapped, A Good Man and more.

                Although Extinction is a horror movie featuring zombie action, the movie is really more of a study of the survivors and the raw emotions they feel, realizing that they may be the last people left on Earth.  According to Moure, “From the beginning, after reading the script, I knew I had a very important task when dealing with the emotions,” explained Moure. “Extinction is a story that delves into the deepest feelings, and I as a composer must reflect that. I wanted to make an emotional soundtrack, but also with some epic and rhythmic moments typical for the genre.”  To that end, “I used a classical symphony ensemble, specifically the Córdoba Symphony Orchestra, which I think did an incredible job,” Moure described. “I also used a prepared piano and several kinds of guitars. The prologue of the film combined the emotional and horror aspects of the film and permeated the tone of the rest of the score.

                The resulting score is orchestral, featuring woodwinds, strings and occasional piano and guitar pieces.  There is a sad beauty to the beginning tracks chronicling the beauty of the pure white of the snow, but also hinting at the sense of loss in the tiny town.  With Track 11, The Farewell, there is a lighter sound, possibly representing a sense of hope, but much of the rest of the soundtrack is quite dark and ominous.  That is, until you hit Track 20, The Gift, in which the music is actually somewhat brighter and happier.  Then it’s right back to the dark and ominous sound.  Horror is expressed quite differently in this soundtrack than in most – sure, there are some violin screeches, but for the most part, the fear and action are represented by pounding drums, fast paced string stokes, low registry woodwind and horn sounds and light electronic sound.

                The musical score of Extinction is an incredibly dramatic, emotional ride, well-suited to the subject matter.  Sergio Moure’s composition for Extinction is a perfect example of the way music created for a horror film can be more than just a sample of sound effects.


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