Extraordinary Measures

Musical Score By: Andrea Guerra

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            When a biotechnology executive (Brendan Fraser) discovers his two youngest children are dying from a debilitating disease called Pompe Disease (acid maltase  deficiency), he walks away from his successful job and teams up with an unconventional scientist (Harrison Ford) in an effort to develop a drug that will save their lives.  Extraordinary Measures is inspired by the true story of John Crowley and his crusade to save the lives of his two children.

            The musical score for Extraordinary Measures was created by Italian composer Andrea Guerra.  Growing up in northern Italy where he studied musical composition and arrangement under Italian maestro Ettore Ballotta, Guerra moved to Rome in 1987 where he began his career as a composer.  His first musical score for a feature film was created for the 1990 film Viaggio d'Amore, starring Omar Sharif and Lea Massari.  Since then, Guerra has created musical composition for numerous films, including The Accidental Husband, The Pursuit of Happyness and Hotel Rwanda.

            When I first listened to the Extraordinary Measures Soundtrack, I was surprised.  The subject matter is sad - two children dying of an incurable disease…their family’s desperate effort to find a life saving drug for their children.  I expected a dramatically sad soundtrack featuring slowly played and possibly depressing music.  Instead I was happy to discover that Andrea Guerra had decided not to focus on the sadness of the film, but on the uplifting side.  He had chosen to focus on the driven force of the father and the hope represented by his determination to find a cure.

            The music found on the Extraordinary Measures Soundtrack is light and airy and incredibly uplifting.  Strings, piano, guitars and woodwinds combine to create a musical score that represents hope and happiness in the face of adversity.  Even the darker tracks like Call From Hospital and Desperation are not depressing.  While dramatic in their own right, they are not the dark and brooding tracks one might expect to find in a film of this nature.

            In creating this soundtrack, Andrea Guerra has composed some of the most beautiful musical score I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.  After listening to this soundtrack once, I simply had to play it over again, relishing in the beauty and inspiration of the composition.  The Extraordinary Measures Soundtrack will make a perfect addition to any music aficionado’s collection.  It certainly has earned a proud place in mine.


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