Faking It: Season 1

Airs On: MTV

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            I have no idea how I got roped into watching Faking It, a romantic comedy airing at 10:30pm EST on MTV, but once I started watching, for some reason I was hooked.  And so began my journey through eight episodes of a 30-minute program about an attempt to be popular that goes a bit too far.

            In Faking It, Karma Ashcroft (Katie Stevens) and Amy Raudenfelt (Rita Volk) are best friends and sophomores at Hester High, a high school in the suburbs of Austin, Texas.  Karma is somewhat of a free spirit, although not as free as her hippie parents.  Amy comes from a much different upbringing and is just learning to cope with the idea that her conservative reporter mother is getting married, bringing along the new challenge of dealing with a stepsister.

            But home life takes a backstage to school life for Karma and Amy as they struggle with finding a way to be popular at Hester High.  When the most popular boy, Shane Harvey (Michael Willett) invites them to a party, the two girls think they are on their way to popularity.  Unfortunately, Shane believes the best friends to be closeted lesbians and outs them at the party. 

            The two are horrified until they realize that this somehow makes them popular.  They decide to continue the charade, with Karma carrying on a side affair with Liam Booker (Gregg Sulkin), an artist and one of the hottest guys at school.  Karma is happy with the situation, but Amy begins to falter, especially when she realizes that she may be not be as good at faking things as Karma.  In fact, Amy believes that she has developed real feelings for Karma beyond their friendship.

            Can Amy’s feelings for Karma be real and, if so, how will they affect the friendship they’ve enjoyed for so many years?  And what affect will all of this have on their lives outside of school?

            Well, the only way to find out is to watch each episode…so I did.  I found Faking It to be less of a romantic comedy and more of a romantic dramedy, especially with Amy attempting to sort out her feelings for Karma.  In fact, the final episode of the show features quite a dramatic ending - no comedy to be found there - leaving viewers wide-eyed and open-mouthed in shock.

            Faking It is an interesting concept.  I don’t understand when it became popular to be gay…looking at the world and the fight that homosexuals face every day just to enjoy the freedoms heterosexuals enjoy, I can’t see where it has become “popular” in anyone’s eyes.  When I first learned what the show was about, I almost didn’t watch it, but when Amy realized that her foray into a fake relationship brought out something she had possibly been denying in herself, I continued to watch.  Isn’t this an issue that a great many young adults suffer with - their sexuality, how they feel about it and how others react to it?  I decided that this show may be on to something.  Marketed as a comedy, I think the show’s creators hoped to shine some light on a dramatic subject and reach more people with their message of acceptance.

            Having watched the first season of Faking It, I have to admit that the characters were interesting and believable and I was invested in their situation and outcomes right away.  I’m hooked and need to know what will happen next…especially after that season-ending cliffhanger.  Yikes! 

            Yeah, I know this is a show marketed towards teenagers, but it has something that makes it appealing to teens and adults alike.  I know one thing for certain, I will definitely be front row and center when Faking It returns for its second season.  This is one show I was going to avoid that now I don’t want to miss.


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