Fall of Gods

Music Composed By: François Jolin

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the illustrated book, Fall of Gods by Rasmus Berggreen and Michael Voght, Vali is a Norse warrior who has left his violent past behind to live peacefully with the woman he loves.  Tending to their farm, Vali finds happiness for a number of years until his wife disappears.  Setting out to find her, he must once again face the demons of his past and hope that the man he once was...the one who has always simmered just below the surface...doesn't rise up again and consume him.

                The musical score of Fall of Gods: She Is Gone was created by Canadian composer François Jolin.  Founder of Eon Sound Productions, Jolin is known for his emotionally themed music.  Over the past decade, Jolin has composed musical scores for a number of movies, commercials, television series, trailers and video games.  Notable clients include Circque du Soleil, Funcom and Digital Dimension.  Recent projects include The Gennex, Winnetou, Hard Right and Limit Theory.

                Fall of Gods: She Is Gone is orchestral with heavy percussion.  Electronic noises are used here and there to heighten the adrenaline of the listener.  Male vocals heard faintly in the background speak to the warrior that Vali once was and the life he must now return to.  Drangavik is an especially dark track in which we hear what sounds like grunting with strain and  metal on this a forge being worked upon or is this a prisoner working out his sentence?  Whispers and chanting heard in the background of the action track Duel speak of a arcane power being exerted during the battle.  Pyre, a track close to the end of the album, ends in soft tones, suggesting that the fight is over and the battle is won.  The Call is the last track and features vocals Delhia de France and speaks to the love shared between Vali and his wife and the need to answer the call of his warrior side.

                I listened to this album before I ever knew that this was created for a book, so you could imagine my surprise to learn that this was not a film score composition.  The Fall of Gods: She Is Gone Soundtrack plays as a composition written for film.  I truly believed I was listening to the musical score of an action/fantasy feature.  What an amazing score!  It makes me want to check out the book it was written for.  Perhaps the powers that be who want to adapt the book into a movie will seek out François Jolin to create the score for the actual film.  If he could create a score like this for a book, imagine what he could create for the film itself!


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