Fame (2009)

Music By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            When I was a kid, a huge movie hit the theaters starring Irene Cara, Debbie Allen, Maureen Teefy, Gene Anthony Ray and a whole slew of others - Fame.  The film followed a group of students as they performed their studies at the New York High School of Performing Arts.  The movie dealt with the struggles each student must go through to achieve their goal of stardom.  The drama and realness of the film were not the only reasons behind Fameís success.  The movie had a superb soundtrack,  With songs of hope and fear, fun songs and love songs and a theme song that rose to the top of the charts, Fame was lauded as a musical and dramatic success, such a success in fact, that a television series was launched.  The show lasted five years.

            Now, almost twenty years later, a new Fame loosely based upon the 1980 Oscar-winner is coming to theaters.  Knowing that the original Fameís soundtrack lent a great deal to its popularity, I wondered what the 2009 versionís soundtrack would be like.  That is, until I received the soundtrack in the mail for review.

            This new Fame Soundtrack contains a couple of the songs from the original film.  The theme has received a more modern revamping, but still remains the powerful song about hope and determination it was when it was first released.  Out Here On My Own is back and just as beautiful as the original version sung by Irene Cara all those years ago.  But this is a modern version of Fame and therefore, most of the old tracks from the original album simply wouldnít fit.  Added to the mix are some rap songs and R&B in addition to the ballads and show tunes.

            I was sorry to see that I Sing the Body Electric, one of my favorite songs from Fame featured in the graduation ceremony, was gone.  However, in its place was a song just as powerful called Hold Your Dream which starts off softly and becomes incredibly powerful toward the end.

            I must admit that, although I loved the original Fame Soundtrack, the 2009 Fame movie has produced a terrific soundtrack as well.  In fact, I have listened to this soundtrack a total of three times since receiving it less than a week ago.  I love singing along with the tracks and simply canít get enough of the music.  There were even some surprisingly familiar tracks including the beautiful ballads Ordinary People and Someone to Watch Over Me, a song originally written for a female singer, but modified for a male singer.

           Once again, a movie called Fame has produced a soundtrack that is sure to go flying off the shelves as soon as it hits the stores.  The Fame Soundtrack (2009) is enjoyable from first track to last and makes me want to see the film when it finally hits theaters.  This is one soundtrack you donít want to miss!


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