Original Poem by Justine Manzano


Fate smiled at me on a dusty road

And she drove right by me once again

I waited patiently

Stuck my thumb out for maybe the hundredth time.


The dust blew in my eyes and stung them

Until they burned with tears

I had been waiting

There on that road for longer than I could remember.


I didn’t want Fate to drive by again.

But this time the beautiful red car drove up

And slowed to a stop.

“Where to?” she asked, her voice silken.


I thought about my answer for a moment

I knew just how important this was.

“Anywhere But Here.”

I was happy to be escaping that dusty road.


She opened the car door for me.

I climbed in and we drove on for a while.

I looked her in the face.

She was ugly and decrepit and skin came off her face in layers.


She smiled at me with ugly teeth

And, horrified, I rushed to leave.

She locked the doors.

I knew I couldn’t get out and we headed down that straight road again.


Fate smiled at me on a dusty road

And she picked me up and we drove together.

I had waited all my life,

And I knew I was stuck with what I had chosen. 


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