From the Desk of Natasia:

Feed Me (Fancy Feast)

A Song by Natasia Minners

Sung to the tune of 2AM (Breathe) by Anna Nalick


2AM and Iím sitting very still in my place

Contemplating biting my human on the face

I keep my fangs very sharp and

I know how to use them.


As I silently stare, soundly sleeping she lies

While my stomach it grumbles of course - no surprise

She keeps sleeping nicely

While Iím slowly starving


ĎCause thereís Fancy Feast in the closet

And the can I canít get into

And the minutes tick slowly by

 I donít know what to do

No one will hear my cries of hunger

Iíll sing it so youíll understand


Feed Me

Fancy Feast

Feed Me

Fancy Feast


2AM and I howl because Iím still awake

My stomach is growling and my tummy aches

The human tells me to be quiet

But I just ignore her


And I stand on her head and I grab at her ear

But she doesnít quite seem to notice that Iím here

Mean woman, Iím starving

Why wonít you feed me


ďCause I know where the treats are

But I canít quite get in there

No handles on the cabinet

Why is life so unfair

Nobody hears me as I scream loudly

Feed me you darned evil human


Feed Me

Fancy Feast

Feed Me

Fancy Feast



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