Alternative / Dance / Techno

Come and See

Artist: The Fighting Cocks

Produced by: FGZ Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            The Fighting Cocks are an incarnation of the original band Széki Kurva, a cult band that found themselves banned from every London venue imaginable.  They are known for taken risks with their music, creating mixes from unlikely sources, such as Hungarian folk music and Digital Hardcore.  It would appear that they are heavily into anime and manga – all of their album cover art are manga / anime inspired and their who’s who page on their website shows each member in anime / manga style.  They are known as rebels of the music industry and are accused of terrorist activities against the industry.  This is perfectly understandable if one checks out the Destroy! Page of the site.  It outlines the various ways to destroy the music industry and invites all fans to take part in its destruction.

            The Fighting Cocks’ latest album, Come and See, is labelled as an Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.  One would be hard pressed to find the movie for which the soundtrack was composed – there isn’t one.  The music found on this album combines several genres with dance and techno tracks.  The fourth track on the album Surf Csángó, sounds like an old school video game gone wild.  The track, Cut Out My Heart is a mix of alternative, metal, and dance with an Elvis-like background to add a touch of humor to the song. 

            And that’s what any listener needs to hear this album – a sense of humor.  The music and lyrics on this album can hardly be taken seriously.  Not with tracks like All Hail The Vampire Killers, Come On You Cunts, and Dance of the Fighting Cocks.  The album comes with a parental advisory as the lyrics of most of the tracks are quite explicit.  The dance mixes are enjoyable by themselves without the vocals.  In fact, one often finds themselves wishing that there were no vocals on the album at all.  It’s not that the artists can’t sing, it’s just that the lyrics take away from the music.  Several tracks on Come and See would be perfect as background music to action sequences in anime movies or as tracks during which the credits are rolled. 

            Come and See by The Fighting Cocks is not for everyone.  Anime music fans will enjoy the album which seems to be a tribute to the genre.  Dance and techno fans will enjoy the high-powered mixes, but would do well to ignore the lyrics.  The Fighting Cocks are an acquired taste – one that requires a sense of humor and an open mind.

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