Film Music 2010

Composed by: Various Artists

Performed by: The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and London Works

Distributed by: Silva Screen Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Since Silva Screen first came up with the “Year Book” of movie music concept, fans of the idea have clamored for more.  Every year since 2006 has seen a new album featuring some of the best musical score from some of the most popular movies of the year.  On January 11, 2011, Silva Screen Records released the fourth installment of this series, Film Music 2010.

            Film Music 2010 features some of the most dramatic music form some of the most famous movies of the year, including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Inception, Twilight: Eclipse, TRON: Legacy, Let Me In and more.  The compilation features musical score created by such accomplished composers as Alexadre Desplat, Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, Ramin Djwadi, Danny Elfman and more performed by The City of Prague Orchestra and London Music Works.

            While I enjoyed each of the twelve tracks contained in this collection, perhaps the most exciting track is Strobe from the movie Kick-Ass which features rocking guitars and synths along with percussion.  I also love Obliviate from Harry Potter and was intrigued by the simplicity of Forbidden Friendship from How to Train Your Dragon

            The biggest problem I had with this album is that it seemed to be missing something.  Some fairly decent examples of original musical score seemed to be missing from the collection including music composed by Harry Gregson-Williams and David Buckley for The Town, by tomandandy for Resident Evil: Afrterlife, by Clint Mansell for The Black Swan and more.  Surely a track from one of these movies could have been substituted for one of the two tracks from Inception - the only film to have two tracks on Film Music 2010 - on this album.

            While, I still feel that Film Music 2010 is a great musical score compilation, I disagree with the use of two songs from Inception.  Hans Zimmer is an excellent composer, but there were other musical scores that deserved to be recognized on this album.  Despite this, Film Music 2010 is an excellent follow-up to Film Music 2009 and a great addition to the Film Music series.


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